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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the philosophy of the women as described by Mrs. Meyerson after Burris makes his comment?
(a) They place no emphasis on looking good.
(b) They are avid followers of modern fashion.
(c) They dress to flatter themselves but do not follow fashion.
(d) They dress to disguise their attractiveness.

2. What do the visitors learn about Walden Two's method of keeping babies healthy?
(a) Babies are only fed organic food in the first year.
(b) Babies are only fed breast milk in the first year.
(c) To prevent illness, babies have limited exposure to the outside world in the first year.
(d) Babies are inoculated against illness in their first year.

3. What evidence does Frazier cite to support his argument about the impact of leisure on Walden Two?
(a) A successful school of performing arts.
(b) A burgeoning music community with composers and performers.
(c) A strong spiritual culture.
(d) A lively group of young artists.

4. As the first discussion between Burris, Rogers, and Jamnik evolves, what does the reader learn about the attitude of the two younger men regarding their lives?
(a) They are happy about their society.
(b) They are searching for better careers.
(c) They want to encourage others to go to war.
(d) They are disillusioned and in search of something different.

5. As the visitors get ready for their work assignment together, and Burris and Mary share breakfast, what develops between these two characters?
(a) They do not speak much to each other.
(b) Mary is attracted to Burris, but she is too simple for him.
(c) They dislike each other.
(d) Burris seems too intellectual for Mary, but he seems attracted to her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Meyerson contribute to the community's cultural activities?

2. As the group observes some children leaving for a picnic, what answer does Castle receive when he asks about jealousy among those left behind?

3. How does the group of visitors manage the first work assignment of window-cleaning?

4. Why does the author expand the visiting group to include these members?

5. Why does Mrs. Meyerson leave the group during their first visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the feelings about his work that Burris has while being visited by the two men?

2. What is the significance of the sheep that Frazier points out to the group early in their visit?

3. After hearing extensive reports from Frazier about the members of Walden Two, what does Burris decide to do?

4. When Frazier, Burris, and Castle take a walk outside and see a group arriving, what information is given about the growth of the community?

5. Why is Frazier responsive to requests for visits from the "failed" outside world to his new society?

6. What aspects of Walden Two's practices do the visitors observe at dinner?

7. What do the motives of Steve and Barbara suggest about the type of persons that Walden Two might attract?

8. What is the essence of the conflict between Castle and Frazier about democracy?

9. In discussing failed communal societies, what comparisons does Frazier make between them and Walden Two?

10. After a tour of the dairy, what two traditions of Walden Two do the visitors observe?

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