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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the name of Walden Two contain the word Two?
(a) There is a book called Walden that describes an experimental community.
(b) There are two communities and Frazier is in charge of the second.
(c) It is located near Walden.
(d) The first attempt at creating the community was a failure.

2. Who is in charge of the nursery visited by the group?
(a) Mrs. Rogers.
(b) Mrs. Meyerson.
(c) Mrs. Frazier.
(d) Mrs. Nash.

3. Why are all members of Walden Two required to do physical labor?
(a) To keep them fit.
(b) To prevent obesity and health problems.
(c) To contribute to health and well-being while keeping in touch with workers.
(d) To maintain good relations with workers.

4. What is the impact on Burris when he participates in his chosen form of entertainment?
(a) He is not convinced that Walden Two has the potential for a Golden Age.
(b) He agrees with Frazier's philosophy.
(c) He is overcome with the idea of a Golden Age.
(d) He believes Fraizer's ideas are unrealistic.

5. What is the figure of speech contained in the name of the passageway where the visitors first have tea?
(a) Attribution.
(b) Allusion.
(c) Illusion.
(d) Symbolism.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Frazier's explanation, what is one of the most important expected outcomes of Walden Two's approach to organizing work?

2. What aspect of Walden Two's philosophy is reflected in the gallery of pictures which Burris stops to admire on the way to their first tea?

3. According to Mrs. Meyerson, what is the reason behind the women's attitude to dress?

4. How does Walden Two meet its production needs when members work a relatively short work day?

5. Which of the following terms best sums up the approach to decision-making, as described by Frazier to the visitors?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the deficiencies of Walden Two's system of government?

2. When the visitors observe some children going off on a picnic and raise questions about jealousy, what explanations do they receive?

3. Why have Steve and Rogers come to visit Burris?

4. After the visit to the schools, what do the visitors discover about child-bearing practices at Walden Two and the advantages of the approach used?

5. What are some of the feelings about his work that Burris has while being visited by the two men?

6. After breakfast, what do the visitors observe that involves children and babies?

7. As Castle observes the nursery, what is he concerned about and how is his concern addressed?

8. What does the conversation about jealousy give Frazier the opportunity to do, and how do Barbara and Castle respond?

9. Are there any disadvantages to eliminating harmful emotions?

10. What three examples does Frazier give of methods used to teach children ethical behavior?

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