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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What factors determine the most common form of entertainment at Walden Two?
(a) Cost, transportation, and the amount of trouble involved.
(b) The members of the community vote on what they want to do.
(c) Talent and time.
(d) Cost and time to organize it.

2. How does the group of visitors manage the first work assignment of window-cleaning?
(a) They get through a good deal of the work in two hours, but Barbara is inefficient and uncomfortable.
(b) Burris is inefficient and uncomfortable, but they get through the work.
(c) They have no difficulty adjusting to physical work.
(d) They are unaccustomed to this work, so they do not do well.

3. During their first discussion, what does Burris decide to do after the men have spoken about Frazier?
(a) To give Rogers a note of introduction to Frazier.
(b) To write to Frazier.
(c) To visit Frazier.
(d) To call Frazier.

4. How does the rearing of Walden Two children up to three-years-old compare with that of babies?
(a) Their sleeping arrangements are the same.
(b) They all receive inoculations and eat only organic food.
(c) Their health care is the same.
(d) Their playing and sleeping arrangements are the same.

5. Why does the author expand the visiting group to include these members?
(a) To satisfy the requirements of Frazier.
(b) To make the visit more economical.
(c) To make the visit more interesting.
(d) To present responses to Walden Two that reflect diverse perspectives.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first member of Walden Two that Frazier allows the group to meet?

2. According to Frazier's explanation, what is one of the most important expected outcomes of Walden Two's approach to organizing work?

3. How does the kitchen staff manage the washing and clearing of dishes after dinner?

4. In the first discussion between Rogers, Burris, and Jamnik, why is Frazier's name introduced?

5. After Burris selects what he wants to do from the bulletin board, what do Mary and Steve decide to do instead?

Short Essay Questions

1. After breakfast, what do the visitors observe that involves children and babies?

2. Why does the author expand the group that will visit Walden Two?

3. What aspects of Walden Two's practices do the visitors observe at dinner?

4. As the novel begins, how does Rogers explain to Burris the need that he and Steve are experiencing?

5. After the visit to the schools, what do the visitors discover about child-bearing practices at Walden Two and the advantages of the approach used?

6. What is the significance of the sheep that Frazier points out to the group early in their visit?

7. What are the deficiencies of Walden Two's system of government?

8. What is the narrative perspective of the novel, and why does the author choose it?

9. How does the author humanize Frazier in the description of the birthday party?

10. When the visitors observe some children going off on a picnic and raise questions about jealousy, what explanations do they receive?

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