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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Burris selects what he wants to do from the bulletin board, what do Mary and Steve decide to do instead?
(a) They go to a bowling alley.
(b) They go to a dance.
(c) They go to a movie.
(d) They go to the theater.

2. During their first discussion, what does Burris decide to do after the men have spoken about Frazier?
(a) To give Rogers a note of introduction to Frazier.
(b) To write to Frazier.
(c) To visit Frazier.
(d) To call Frazier.

3. Why does Frazier invite the men to visit Walden Two?
(a) To give them a talk about utopian communities.
(b) To introduce them to the way of life there.
(c) To get publicity for the community.
(d) He wants Burris to give a lecture to the members.

4. Who is the narrator of Walden Two?
(a) Castle.
(b) Rogers.
(c) Frazier.
(d) Professor Burris.

5. What is the most advanced exercise for children to learn ethics?
(a) Half of the children wait for five minutes while the other half go on eating.
(b) Half of the children wait half-an-hour, while the other half go on eating.
(c) Children must feed their peers without getting food for themselves.
(d) Some children must skip one meal while others eat.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the first discussion between Burris, Rogers, and Jamnik evolves, what does the reader learn about the attitude of the two younger men regarding their lives?

2. What aspect of Walden Two's philosophy is reflected in the gallery of pictures which Burris stops to admire on the way to their first tea?

3. How does Frazier seek to integrate the visitors with the work system at Walden Two?

4. Why does the name of Walden Two contain the word Two?

5. Why does the author expand the visiting group to include these members?

Short Essay Questions

1. After hearing extensive reports from Frazier about the members of Walden Two, what does Burris decide to do?

2. What is the essence of the conflict between Castle and Frazier about democracy?

3. Why have Steve and Rogers come to visit Burris?

4. What is the narrative perspective of the novel, and why does the author choose it?

5. What explanations does Mrs. Nash give the visitors about bringing up babies at Walden Two?

6. What is castle's response when he observes the incident with the sheep?

7. How does Burris finally resolve his feelings about Walden Two?

8. According to Frazier's explanation on the roof, what is the "Good Life"?

9. What conflicting views about life at Walden Two surface for Rogers and Barbara after they have been exposed to some of the practices like education and family life?

10. In discussing failed communal societies, what comparisons does Frazier make between them and Walden Two?

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