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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the same Sunday evening when Castle and Frazier argue about using a science of behavior to control behavior, how does Frazier justify its necessity?
(a) He says leaders have always controlled the behavior of followers.
(b) He says that without it the world has no chance of improvement.
(c) He says that without it there would be disorder.
(d) He says that without it, people would be controlled by less benevolent forces such as politicians and salesmen.

2. What do the visitors who want to join Walden Two have to pass?
(a) A physical.
(b) Career tests and physicals.
(c) Intelligence and aptitude tests.
(d) Physicals and intelligence tests.

3. Who is responsible for Walden Two's relationship to government in the wider society?
(a) The Delegate.
(b) The Ombudsman.
(c) The Political Manager.
(d) Frazier.

4. During the Sunday evening debate about behavior control, how does Castle try to demonstrate his own freedom?
(a) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to light a fire.
(b) He suggests that with freedom, he could decide to drop or hold a book of matches.
(c) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to say another word.
(d) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to light a match.

5. When questioned by Burris about young people leaving Walden Two, how does Frazier respond?
(a) He says they are too happy and productive to want to leave.
(b) He says they are forbidden to leave.
(c) He says they know they cannot do better elsewhere.
(d) He says they tell young people all about the world and even give them projects to do about issues in the outside world.

6. In response to Frazier's assertions about keeping young people at Walden Two, Castle indirectly suggests that the practice is like indoctrination. What is the literary device used by the author in Castle's response?
(a) Allusion.
(b) Transferred epithet.
(c) Metaphor.
(d) Sarcasm.

7. What does Burris learn from the housewife about how Walden Two finds out if members are happy?
(a) She says the leaders send out surveys.
(b) She says a young man comes around once a year to find out if she has needs or complaints.
(c) She says they are asked to attend Sunday meetings.
(d) She says the leaders are uninterested in their happiness.

8. Why does Frazier discount the merits of majority vote in the democratic system?
(a) The majority are really the pawns of a few politicians.
(b) The majority can become oppressors of the minority.
(c) The majority can overturn what is best for society.
(d) The majority can be misguided.

9. What is a Fascist?
(a) Someone who believes in an offshoot of communism.
(b) Someone who believes in a mixture of democracy and communism.
(c) Someone who fights any form of organized politics.
(d) Someone who believes in or supports radical, authoritatian national politics.

10. What views about power does Frazier express in response to Castle's comments?
(a) It is a part of leadership at Walden Two.
(b) It corrupts governments.
(c) It is needed to maintain control.
(d) It is dangerous to freedom.

11. As Burris smokes in the garden, what thought occurs to him about the impact of his visit to Walden Two?
(a) He smokes only in the company of those who smoke.
(b) He smokes much more than normal.
(c) Few people smoke, and he smokes much less than normal.
(d) Everyone smokes, so he smokes more than normal.

12. How does Frazier suggest that the growth of Walden Two will affect farmers in the future?
(a) Farmers all over the country may be forced off their land to make space for Walden Two.
(b) Farmers will want to join Walden Two because of the emphasis on production.
(c) Farmers will be integrated with Walden Two communities.
(d) Farmers will have a ready market for their produce.

13. Where do some of the visitors go after Sunday breakfast?
(a) To a Sunday service.
(b) To the beach.
(c) To the park.
(d) To the neighboring farm.

14. Identify the critical features that constitute "the good life", as outline by Frazier.
(a) Freedom, personal success, and family success.
(b) Fame, fortune, and health.
(c) Satisfying relationships, good health, and economic success.
(d) Health, minimal unpleasant work, the opportunity to utilize talents, having satisfying personal relationships, and relaxation.

15. How is failure treated at Walden Two?
(a) Persons who fail are asked to leave the community.
(b) Persons who fail are channelled into different types of work.
(c) Persons who fail have to go back to school.
(d) Persons who fail are moved to different jobs and if this continues, they see a psychologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the debate continues, how do Castle and Frazier differ in their views of democracy?

2. How does Frazier explain the low incidence of adultery at Walden Two?

3. During the Sunday evening debate about behavior control, on what point do Castle and Frazier agree?

4. At lunch after their tour of medical facilities, Frazier expresses enthusiasm about Walden two. What is he enthusiastic about?

5. According to Frazier's explanation of behavior theory, what two contradictory forces occur simultaneously when it is applied?

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