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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At lunch after the tour of the medical facilities, what aspects of modern society does Castle suggest are needed at Walden Two?
(a) Elections and shared leadership.
(b) Governent and religion.
(c) Religion and politics.
(d) Government and politics.

2. Following the discussion of marriage and child-bearing, what view of the modern world does Frazier use to justify some of the family-oriented practices at Walden Two?
(a) The traditional family is an outdated concept.
(b) The modern family is not accomplishing its purposes.
(c) The family is weakening in the modern world, and the Walden Two community takes on traditional family roles.
(d) It takes a whole community, not just parents, to raise children.

3. In the part of the debate when they speak about democracy, what weaknesses of this system does Frazier point out?
(a) Elections are a sham and voters know nothing about the issues.
(b) Elections are media campaigns and a single vote doesn't really matter.
(c) Elections are a sham and voters know nothing about the issues.
(d) Elections are a sham and politicians manipulate voters.

4. To what does Frazier relate his theory of behavior?
(a) The teachings of Jesus about temptation.
(b) The teachings of Jesus about loving one's enemies.
(c) The teachings of Jesus about fortitude.
(d) The teachings of Jesus about love of one's neighbor.

5. After his heavy work stacking wood, when Burris talks with Frazier at dinner about communal societies that have failed, what is Frazier's first response?
(a) He asserts that they lacked leadership.
(b) He refuses to compare them with Walden Two because he has little knowledge of them.
(c) He asserts that Walden Two is definitely superior.
(d) He asserts that they lacked vision.

6. Which one of the visitors fails to understand why anyone would want to live at Walden Two?
(a) Barbara.
(b) Steve.
(c) Mary.
(d) Castle.

7. What does Frazier believe is the cause of Burris' reluctance to embrace the lifestyle of Walden Two?
(a) Frazier believes it's because Burris does not accept a psychology of behavior.
(b) Frazier believes it is because Burris dislikes him as a person.
(c) Frazier believes it's because Burris had a bad experience with a communal group.
(d) Frazier believes it's because Burris is an intellectual and he can't admit he has been wrong all along.

8. What personal attack does Frazier make in response to Castle's observation about Walden Two's lack of politics?
(a) He asserts that Walden Two does more for good citizenship and world peace than Castle.
(b) He says Castle shouldn't speak because he was in the war.
(c) He says Castle would never be allowed in Walden Two again because he is negative.
(d) He says Castle is just too dumb to understand the system.

9. What is the major difference between the arguments advanced by Castle and those advanced by Frazier?
(a) Castle's arguments are weak while Frazier's arguments are strong.
(b) Castle's arguments are abstract while Frazier's are concrete and practical.
(c) Castle's arguments are pragmatic while Frazier's are idealistic.
(d) Castle's arguments are forceful while Frazier's arguments are weak.

10. How does Frazier respond to the accusation from Burris?
(a) He admits to some dictatorial behavior, but says it is necessary for good order.
(b) He denies the accusations and attacks Burris.
(c) He does not deny that Walden Two controls behavior, but he states that mankind has no other path to a better way of life than that offered by Walden Two.
(d) He avoids a confrontation by ignoring the comments of Burris.

11. At the group's Sunday breakfast, how does Barbara's behavior affect Frazier?
(a) She accosts him about his beliefs and he withdraws because she is a woman.
(b) She flirts with him and he reciprocates.
(c) She ignores him and he becomes fidgety.
(d) She flirts with him, but he responds awkwardly.

12. On the same Sunday evening when Castle and Frazier argue about using a science of behavior to control behavior, how does Frazier justify its necessity?
(a) He says that without it the world has no chance of improvement.
(b) He says that without it, people would be controlled by less benevolent forces such as politicians and salesmen.
(c) He says leaders have always controlled the behavior of followers.
(d) He says that without it there would be disorder.

13. In the discussion about Walden Two's future and the possible impact on farmers, what is Frazier's response to Castle's questions about his ideology?
(a) He accepts that he believes in aspects of both.
(b) He accepts that he is a Fascist.
(c) He avoids answering.
(d) He admits he has no belief in democracy, but he denies being a Fascist.

14. According to Frazier, how does Walden Two's second generation of members differ from its first?
(a) The second generation agreed to the Code, but the first used trial and error.
(b) The first was interested in a simpler way of life, the second to pursue this with more adherence to the Code.
(c) The first was guided by Frazier's vision, the second by a shared Code.
(d) The second generation is raised in Walden Two's culture, but the first generation agreed to the Code.

15. At lunch after their tour of medical facilities, Frazier expresses enthusiasm about Walden two. What is he enthusiastic about?
(a) That Walden Two has attracted two new members.
(b) That Walden Two proves it can exist in the modern world.
(c) That the community is achieving its purpose.
(d) That the community is economically viable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What literary device is evident in the underlying contradiction between Frazier's comments on power and his own involvement in leading Walden Two?

2. What is ironic about Frazier's stated opposition to political action?

3. According to Frazier, what specific attributes does Walden Two have that will prevent its failure?

4. What new kind of control does Frazier add to the Sunday evening debate about behavior control?

5. What views about power does Frazier express in response to Castle's comments?

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