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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the debate continues, how do Castle and Frazier differ in their views of democracy?
(a) Castle says it is inevitable while Frazier says it's on the decline.
(b) Castle says it is useful, although it has weaknesses; Frazier says its flaws far outweigh its virtues.
(c) Castle says it is a perfect system, while Frazier says it's a proven failure.
(d) Castle says it is necessary while Frazier says it is a fraud.

2. In the argument that takes place when the rain causes Burris, Castle, and Frazier to have an extended discussion, what is the major purpose served by Frazier's arguments?
(a) He is used to attack communism.
(b) He is used to contradict the author's beliefs.
(c) He is used to express the author's theories.
(d) He is used to defend Walden Two.

3. According to Frazier, how do the child-rearing practices affect the development of the children?
(a) The children have less conflict with their parents.
(b) The children respect all adults.
(c) The children relate to adults of their choice and are less dependent on their parents.
(d) The children grow up more quickly.

4. After his heavy work stacking wood, when Burris talks with Frazier at dinner about communal societies that have failed, what is Frazier's first response?
(a) He asserts that they lacked vision.
(b) He refuses to compare them with Walden Two because he has little knowledge of them.
(c) He asserts that Walden Two is definitely superior.
(d) He asserts that they lacked leadership.

5. What is problematic about Rogers' desire to embrace the Walden Two lifestyle?
(a) It conflicts with his desire for freedom.
(b) It puts him in conflict with his desire fro financial success.
(c) It puts him in conflict with his fiancee.
(d) It will take him away from his family.

6. What is the likely reason for the decision of the first two visitors to join Walden Two?
(a) They are excited about the opportunities available for just four labor credits a day.
(b) The economic opportunities attract them.
(c) They are excited about the opportunities for spiritual growth.
(d) They are excited about the simplicity of the lifestyle.

7. According to Frazier, how does Walden Two's second generation of members differ from its first?
(a) The first was guided by Frazier's vision, the second by a shared Code.
(b) The second generation agreed to the Code, but the first used trial and error.
(c) The first was interested in a simpler way of life, the second to pursue this with more adherence to the Code.
(d) The second generation is raised in Walden Two's culture, but the first generation agreed to the Code.

8. How does Frazier respond to the accusation from Burris?
(a) He avoids a confrontation by ignoring the comments of Burris.
(b) He denies the accusations and attacks Burris.
(c) He admits to some dictatorial behavior, but says it is necessary for good order.
(d) He does not deny that Walden Two controls behavior, but he states that mankind has no other path to a better way of life than that offered by Walden Two.

9. When the visitors have almost completed their window washing, what is the next assignment for Rogers, Steve, and Burris?
(a) They paint the nursery.
(b) They refurbish buildings.
(c) They clean the school.
(d) They stack wood behind the theater.

10. While observing this group, what does Frazier reveal to the observers about Walden Two?
(a) It has been perpetuating itself by forming similar communities at Walden Three, Four and Five.
(b) It has reached its final goal of six communities.
(c) It is cutting back on the formation of new communities.
(d) It has over ten branches.

11. How is failure treated at Walden Two?
(a) Persons who fail are asked to leave the community.
(b) Persons who fail are moved to different jobs and if this continues, they see a psychologist.
(c) Persons who fail are channelled into different types of work.
(d) Persons who fail have to go back to school.

12. According to Frazier, how does Walden Two overcome the weaknesses of democracy?
(a) By leaving government to experts and by emphasizing cooperation and planning.
(b) By relying on the Political Manager and gathering the ideas of members.
(c) By relying on the ombudsman and disallowing dissent.
(d) By having everyone vote in the same way after canvassing their opinions.

13. Why does Frazier discount the merits of majority vote in the democratic system?
(a) The majority are really the pawns of a few politicians.
(b) The majority can overturn what is best for society.
(c) The majority can become oppressors of the minority.
(d) The majority can be misguided.

14. What views about power does Frazier express in response to Castle's comments?
(a) It is dangerous to freedom.
(b) It is a part of leadership at Walden Two.
(c) It is needed to maintain control.
(d) It corrupts governments.

15. As Burris smokes in the garden, what thought occurs to him about the impact of his visit to Walden Two?
(a) He smokes much more than normal.
(b) He smokes only in the company of those who smoke.
(c) Few people smoke, and he smokes much less than normal.
(d) Everyone smokes, so he smokes more than normal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frazier believe is the cause of Burris' reluctance to embrace the lifestyle of Walden Two?

2. In the discussion about Walden Two's future and the possible impact on farmers, what is Frazier's response to Castle's questions about his ideology?

3. How does Frazier explain the low incidence of adultery at Walden Two?

4. At lunch after the tour of the medical facilities, what aspects of modern society does Castle suggest are needed at Walden Two?

5. After hearing about the decision of two visitors to join Walden Two, what observation does Castle make about the apparent happiness of the members of Walden Two?

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