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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the visitors take their first walk around Walden Two, what does Frazier explain to the visitors about the buildings?
(a) They protect them from bad weather because they are insulated.
(b) They prevent the chilrden from going outside.
(c) They are communal buildings made of rammed earth with covered passages, and they protect them from extreme weather.
(d) They are cheaper to maintain.

2. Who is in charge of the nursery visited by the group?
(a) Mrs. Meyerson.
(b) Mrs. Nash.
(c) Mrs. Frazier.
(d) Mrs. Rogers.

3. What evidence does Frazier cite to support his argument about the impact of leisure on Walden Two?
(a) A burgeoning music community with composers and performers.
(b) A strong spiritual culture.
(c) A lively group of young artists.
(d) A successful school of performing arts.

4. According to Mrs. Meyerson, what is the reason behind the women's attitude to dress?
(a) They do not want to be seen as objects.
(b) They are very modest.
(c) They want to distract the men from sexual thoughts.
(d) They want to reduce expense.

5. How are the older children divided into grades at school?
(a) According to age.
(b) There are no grades.
(c) According to their test scores.
(d) According to reading ability.

6. Who else is invited to join the three men as they plan their visit to Walden Two?
(a) Castle and Mackling.
(b) Barbara and Mackie.
(c) Barbara Macklin, Mary Grove, and Augustine Castle.
(d) Augusta and Barbara.

7. Why does Frazier invite the men to visit Walden Two?
(a) To get publicity for the community.
(b) To give them a talk about utopian communities.
(c) He wants Burris to give a lecture to the members.
(d) To introduce them to the way of life there.

8. As the group observes some children leaving for a picnic, what answer does Castle receive when he asks about jealousy among those left behind?
(a) Frazier says children would be punished if they displayed jealousy.
(b) Frazier explains that the children do not exhibit jealousy.
(c) Frazier says Castle is imposing adult feelings on the chidlren.
(d) Frazier says the children understand that their turn will come.

9. In the first discussion between Rogers, Burris, and Jamnik, why is Frazier's name introduced?
(a) Burris knows Frazier.
(b) Frazier is a colleague of Rogers.
(c) Frazier is also in the army.
(d) Jamnik has read an article about Frazier's community.

10. What event does Burris find listed on a bulletin board?
(a) An auction.
(b) A dance.
(c) A talent show.
(d) A performance of Bach's Mass in B Minor.

11. How does Walden Two meet its production needs when members work a relatively short work day?
(a) The labor force includes adolescents and women.
(b) Workers from the nearby farms give assistance.
(c) The lifestyle does not require more.
(d) The size of the community permits this.

12. Which of the following terms best describes some of the weaknesses that Frazier attributes to the traditional educational system?
(a) Bureaucratic and inefficient.
(b) Overly bureaucratic and often pointless.
(c) Bureaucratic and boring.
(d) Bureaucratic and ineffective.

13. What do the visitors learn at dinner about how the cooks at Walden Two ensure that food is not wasted?
(a) They cook meals from all around the world and make every effort to see that everything is eaten.
(b) Leftovers are eaten on the folowing day.
(c) Members who leave too much food on their plates are fined for waste.
(d) They do not cook until a specific number of persons indicate what they want to eat.

14. At their first dinner, Frazier explains that Walden Two never has crowds. What is the explanation for this?
(a) The entire community is very small.
(b) People are free to wander and not many people want to do the same thing at the same time, so they are at different places.
(c) There is nowhere for a crowd to gather.
(d) Work is allocated in shifts to keep people busy.

15. Why have Rogers and Jamnik come to visit Burris at the beginning of the novel?
(a) To find out about a utopian society he once mentioned to Rogers.
(b) For advice on their future.
(c) To invite him to join their group.
(d) To renew old acquaintances.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Burris selects what he wants to do from the bulletin board, what do Mary and Steve decide to do instead?

2. During their first discussion, what does Burris decide to do after the men have spoken about Frazier?

3. Early in their tour of Walden Two, the visitors learn that children do not eat with adults in the main dining room until a certain age. What age is this?

4. What is the significance of the name of the passageway where the visitors first have tea?

5. Which of the following terms best sums up the approach to decision-making, as described by Frazier to the visitors?

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