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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the highest level of community leadership at Walden Two?
(a) The Chief of the Community, who is Frazier.
(b) The Management Board.
(c) The Community Action Board.
(d) The Board of Planners.

2. After their tour of the dairy, when Mrs. Meyerson joins the group, what tradition involving young couples do the visitors observe?
(a) They attend parenting classes.
(b) They attend counseling sessions.
(c) They learn to cook and bake.
(d) They work on their own living quarters.

3. After dinner, as the visitors settle in the lounge, what does Frazier explain about how members of Walden Two contribute to the community?
(a) Each family is assigned to different chores and these are rotated.
(b) Through a system of labor credits, members must give fours hours of work each day .
(c) Members are paid for work and must contribute a percentage of their earnings to the community.
(d) Members must work eight hours each day.

4. During their first discussion, what does Burris decide to do after the men have spoken about Frazier?
(a) To write to Frazier.
(b) To visit Frazier.
(c) To call Frazier.
(d) To give Rogers a note of introduction to Frazier.

5. How does Walden Two meet its production needs when members work a relatively short work day?
(a) The size of the community permits this.
(b) Workers from the nearby farms give assistance.
(c) The lifestyle does not require more.
(d) The labor force includes adolescents and women.

6. According to Frazier's explanation, how is the system managed to prevent members from favoring professional work over manual labor?
(a) Frazier instructs members regarding how many professionals are needed.
(b) Administrators determine how many people are needed in each profession, and the potential applicants decide among themselves who will be selected.
(c) Once there are enough members for each profession, others must choose different types of work.
(d) Members are trained for different professions and rotate through them in turn.

7. Which of the following terms best describes some of the weaknesses that Frazier attributes to the traditional educational system?
(a) Bureaucratic and inefficient.
(b) Overly bureaucratic and often pointless.
(c) Bureaucratic and boring.
(d) Bureaucratic and ineffective.

8. How does Mrs. Meyerson contribute to the community's cultural activities?
(a) She leads a theater group.
(b) She leads a dance group.
(c) She performs in a musical chorus.
(d) She works with a group of painters.

9. How does Frazier seek to integrate the visitors with the work system at Walden Two?
(a) The visitors are assigned to observe specific work groups and report on their observations.
(b) Each visitor is required to contribute two hours work per day.
(c) The visitors must work in at least two areas before they leave.
(d) The visitors must work the same number of hours as the members.

10. What aspect of Walden Two's philosophy is reflected in the gallery of pictures which Burris stops to admire on the way to their first tea?
(a) They believe art is needed for mental exercise.
(b) They believe that making lesiure time available to members will lead to a flourishing of artistic work.
(c) They believe gifted persons should be allowed to focus on artistic work only.
(d) They believe children should be introduced to art early in life.

11. As the group observes some children leaving for a picnic, what answer does Castle receive when he asks about jealousy among those left behind?
(a) Frazier says children would be punished if they displayed jealousy.
(b) Frazier explains that the children do not exhibit jealousy.
(c) Frazier says the children understand that their turn will come.
(d) Frazier says Castle is imposing adult feelings on the chidlren.

12. As the visitors go to their first dinner, where do they observe many of Walden Two's members gathering?
(a) The Walk.
(b) Walden Corridor.
(c) The Walden Walkway.
(d) Frazier's Ladder.

13. Why are all members of Walden Two required to do physical labor?
(a) To contribute to health and well-being while keeping in touch with workers.
(b) To keep them fit.
(c) To prevent obesity and health problems.
(d) To maintain good relations with workers.

14. What evidence does Frazier cite to support his argument about the impact of leisure on Walden Two?
(a) A strong spiritual culture.
(b) A successful school of performing arts.
(c) A lively group of young artists.
(d) A burgeoning music community with composers and performers.

15. Based on Frazier's description of the system, which of the following statements best describes a weakness in the way leaders are chosen at Walden Two?
(a) It places too much power in the hands of a few persons.
(b) It has no mechanism for participation of workers.
(c) It assumes that the motives and skills of the decision-makers are at the apppropriate level.
(d) It places too much power in the hands of one person.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Frazier invite the men to visit Walden Two?

2. What do the visitors learn at dinner about how the management of meals contributes to avoidance of crowds at Walden Two?

3. What is the significance of the name of the passageway where the visitors first have tea?

4. After the visitors complete their first session of window-cleaning, how does Frazier clarify the view that Walden Two is about "getting back to a simpler time"?

5. Who is in charge of the nursery visited by the group?

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