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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Walden Two's communication practices differ from the outside world?
(a) A Town Crier communicates necessary information.
(b) Performance and events are listed on bulletin boards instead of splashy advertisements.
(c) Events are announced at meal times.
(d) Young people take around flyers about upcoming events.

2. How does Burris respond to the women of Walden Two when he first sees them?
(a) He considers them beautiful.
(b) He considers them plain.
(c) He thinks they look overworked and unhappy.
(d) He thinks they look dull and bored.

3. At the beginning of the novel, where have Rogers and Jamnik been before their visit to Burris?
(a) Visiting foreign countries.
(b) Visiting Walden Two.
(c) Studying politics at a university.
(d) In the army fighting World War II.

4. As the visitors take their first walk around Walden Two, what does Frazier explain to the visitors about the buildings?
(a) They prevent the chilrden from going outside.
(b) They are communal buildings made of rammed earth with covered passages, and they protect them from extreme weather.
(c) They protect them from bad weather because they are insulated.
(d) They are cheaper to maintain.

5. What activities does Frazier plan for the group after breakfast on the morning after their leisure activities?
(a) They will visit the schools and earn labor credits.
(b) They will work and then visit churches.
(c) They will have a debate about Walden Two and then do their chores.
(d) They will visit factories and do their work there.

6. How does the group of visitors manage the first work assignment of window-cleaning?
(a) They are unaccustomed to this work, so they do not do well.
(b) They get through a good deal of the work in two hours, but Barbara is inefficient and uncomfortable.
(c) They have no difficulty adjusting to physical work.
(d) Burris is inefficient and uncomfortable, but they get through the work.

7. What evidence does Frazier cite to support his argument about the impact of leisure on Walden Two?
(a) A lively group of young artists.
(b) A strong spiritual culture.
(c) A burgeoning music community with composers and performers.
(d) A successful school of performing arts.

8. As the first discussion between Burris, Rogers, and Jamnik evolves, what does the reader learn about the attitude of the two younger men regarding their lives?
(a) They want to encourage others to go to war.
(b) They are disillusioned and in search of something different.
(c) They are searching for better careers.
(d) They are happy about their society.

9. What is the highest level of community leadership at Walden Two?
(a) The Chief of the Community, who is Frazier.
(b) The Board of Planners.
(c) The Management Board.
(d) The Community Action Board.

10. As the group comes across couples with babies, what views are expressed concerning the best age for marriage and child-bearing?
(a) They all believe that delaying marriage and pregnancy is best for individuals and society.
(b) Frazier points out the advantages at Walden Two of early marriage and parenthood, but the visitors express different views.
(c) They all agree that early child-bearing frees women to join the work force.
(d) They all agree that there are disadvantages to adolescent motherhood.

11. Which of the following terms best describes some of the weaknesses that Frazier attributes to the traditional educational system?
(a) Bureaucratic and inefficient.
(b) Overly bureaucratic and often pointless.
(c) Bureaucratic and ineffective.
(d) Bureaucratic and boring.

12. What assumption does Walden Two make about how to build resistance in babies?
(a) They should be introduced to frustration and illness slowly.
(b) They should be quarantined.
(c) They should only be fed on organic foods.
(d) They should only interact with their mothers.

13. Why does Frazier invite the men to visit Walden Two?
(a) He wants Burris to give a lecture to the members.
(b) To introduce them to the way of life there.
(c) To get publicity for the community.
(d) To give them a talk about utopian communities.

14. In the conversation concerning expression of emotions, what criticism does Frazier make of how the wider society socializes children?
(a) Children are socialized to fear adults.
(b) Children are socialized to become competitive.
(c) Children are socialized to become aggressive.
(d) Children are socialized to become too emotional.

15. As the group observes the child's birthday celebration, how does the author add a human touch to the portrayal of Frazier?
(a) Frazier makes a touching speech.
(b) Frazier expresses sadness because he has no children of his own.
(c) Frazier seems proud and happy for the girl, and Burris thinks he sees a tear on Frazier's cheek.
(d) The child is Frazier's daughter and he gives her a big hug.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the discussions about the educational system come to an end, Castle asks about freedom. Which of the following best describes Frazier's reason for avoiding Castle's questions about freedom?

2. What is the point of view in which Walden Two is written?

3. What aspect of Walden Two's philosophy is reflected in the gallery of pictures which Burris stops to admire on the way to their first tea?

4. Which member of the group raises questions about mother love for babies?

5. How does Mrs. Meyerson contribute to the community's cultural activities?

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