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B. F. Skinner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following the discussion of marriage and child-bearing, what view of the modern world does Frazier use to justify some of the family-oriented practices at Walden Two?
(a) The modern family is not accomplishing its purposes.
(b) The family is weakening in the modern world, and the Walden Two community takes on traditional family roles.
(c) It takes a whole community, not just parents, to raise children.
(d) The traditional family is an outdated concept.

2. At the beginning of the novel, where have Rogers and Jamnik been before their visit to Burris?
(a) Studying politics at a university.
(b) Visiting foreign countries.
(c) In the army fighting World War II.
(d) Visiting Walden Two.

3. At their first dinner, Frazier explains that Walden Two never has crowds. What is the explanation for this?
(a) People are free to wander and not many people want to do the same thing at the same time, so they are at different places.
(b) Work is allocated in shifts to keep people busy.
(c) There is nowhere for a crowd to gather.
(d) The entire community is very small.

4. What activities does Frazier plan for the group after breakfast on the morning after their leisure activities?
(a) They will have a debate about Walden Two and then do their chores.
(b) They will visit factories and do their work there.
(c) They will visit the schools and earn labor credits.
(d) They will work and then visit churches.

5. Identify the critical features that constitute "the good life", as outline by Frazier.
(a) Fame, fortune, and health.
(b) Satisfying relationships, good health, and economic success.
(c) Freedom, personal success, and family success.
(d) Health, minimal unpleasant work, the opportunity to utilize talents, having satisfying personal relationships, and relaxation.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the visitors go to their first dinner, where do they observe many of Walden Two's members gathering?

2. How do the child-rearing practices affect the women of Walden Two?

3. Which of the visitors is the first one to appear critical of Walden Two?

4. How does Mrs. Meyerson contribute to the community's cultural activities?

5. Which of the following terms best describes some of the weaknesses that Frazier attributes to the traditional educational system?

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