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B. F. Skinner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the visitors take their first walk around Walden Two, what does Frazier explain to the visitors about the buildings?
(a) They prevent the chilrden from going outside.
(b) They are cheaper to maintain.
(c) They protect them from bad weather because they are insulated.
(d) They are communal buildings made of rammed earth with covered passages, and they protect them from extreme weather.

2. Why does Frazier invite the men to visit Walden Two?
(a) To get publicity for the community.
(b) To introduce them to the way of life there.
(c) He wants Burris to give a lecture to the members.
(d) To give them a talk about utopian communities.

3. As the group observes some children leaving for a picnic, what answer does Castle receive when he asks about jealousy among those left behind?
(a) Frazier says children would be punished if they displayed jealousy.
(b) Frazier says Castle is imposing adult feelings on the chidlren.
(c) Frazier explains that the children do not exhibit jealousy.
(d) Frazier says the children understand that their turn will come.

4. Why does the name of Walden Two contain the word Two?
(a) It is located near Walden.
(b) The first attempt at creating the community was a failure.
(c) There are two communities and Frazier is in charge of the second.
(d) There is a book called Walden that describes an experimental community.

5. What is the attitude of Walden Two towards the importance of mother love in the lives of babies?
(a) They get it from the entire community.
(b) They get it from daily visits with their mothers.
(c) They get it by being isolated from everyone except their mothers.
(d) It is not a necessity.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the visitors get ready for their work assignment together, and Burris and Mary share breakfast, what develops between these two characters?

2. Why is Mrs. Nash confused when Castle asks about jealousy as he observes some children leaving from a picnic?

3. What is the most advanced exercise for children to learn ethics?

4. As Frazier discusses leisure and boredom, what does he claim about the environment at Walden Two?

5. In the discussion about socializing children to develop ethics, what is the first lesson that Frazier describes?

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