Objects & Places from Walden Two

B. F. Skinner
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Walden Two

This is a communal society in rural New England that has a novel way of organizing society.


At the beginning of the book, the characters observe these as examples of how positive reinforcement can be applied to contribute to productive work in the community.

Jacob's Ladder

This is a covered passageway used as a lounging area; it is located between the children's quarters and the main buildings in the community.

The Walk

The members of the community enjoy this area, a wide corridor in the main building near the dining areas.


The members of the community pay for their membership with these allotments. They are daily requirements that members must meet.


These are used in an ethical exercise in the community to teach young children how to overcome their desire for something by putting it out of sight.

Board of Planners

This is...

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