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Robin Behn
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Short Answer Questions

1. "The Props Assist the House" introduces which tool?

2. Who wrote "Opposites: The Attraction of Titles?"

3. What will students be required to use when writing this poem?

4. What is the purpose of "Personal Universe Deck?"

5. What phrase is each student required to use in the poem?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the exercise on sonnets create a friendly forum and technique for students?

2. What is the "Matthewsian Invisible Hinge?"

3. What type of music is suggested in "Shall We Dance"? What should students focus on regarding the beat?

4. How is the technique used in "The Party of the Century" valuable as a group exercise?

5. According to the author of this section, what is the most difficult task facing students?

6. What are the two basic structures used in "Truth in Strangeness: Accidents, Chance and the Non-rational?"

7. What is Free Verse Lineation? What is the purpose of using it in an exercise?

8. The author claims that certain types of metaphors will come into being. Explain the metaphors and give examples.

9. Explain the difference between factual and psychological truths.

10. What is the goal in the section titled "Stealing the Goods"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ann Lauterbach introduces students to a new way of looking at language in "First Words." Explain Lauterbach's beliefs regarding beginning poets and their preconceived notions. Do you agree think that preconceived notions of language can be a hindrance? Are the preconceptions more or less difficult when working with a foreign language as opposed to English? How can one overcome these preconceived notions and habits? Give an example of at least three words that may conjure up preconceived notions and create an alternative view for each.

Essay Topic 2

Techniques and exercises used in sections such as "Translations: Idea to Change" and "Personal Universe Deck" encourage students to use unusual words or combinations of words as a powerful tool to create vivid poetry. Why are these tools and techniques valuable? What can be learned from employing the techniques in "Translations: Idea to Change?" Give examples of how a poet might use the technique in "Personal Universe Deck" to enhance one's own style.

Essay Topic 3

In one of the daily lessons, students were asked to keep both a dream journal and an every day journal. Explain in detail the type of entries kept in both journals and how the information in each may be used to create an effective and vivid poem. Include examples.

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