The Practice of Poetry Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robin Behn
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Part One. Ladders to the Dark: The Unconsious as Gold Mine

• Introduces techniques and strategies.

• Explains "The Unconscious As Gold Mine".
• First exercise is "First Words" by Ann Lauterbach.

• The students learn to examine encounters with language.
• "Translations: idea to change" introduces imagery.

• "Dream Notebooks" encourage students dream journals.

• "Only Connect" uses journal entries four days apart.
• "Chanting the Flowers Off The Wall" disconnects students from the meaning of words.

• "A Journey to Nowhere" requires students to write about an unknown destination.

Part Two. The Things of This World: Image and Metaphor

• Students perform 11 exercises based on imagery and metaphor.
• Students learn to focus on detail.

• "Five Easy Pieces" teaches how to use specific images in poetry.
• Students are given group exercises.

• Students are required to research language and their relationship to it.
• Students create metaphors from dreams.

Part Three. Who's Talking and Why? The Self and Its Subjects. Section A: Aspects of Voice

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