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Michelle Alexander and Michelle McCool
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2: "The Lockdown".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Approximately how many people were in prison or jail for a drug offense in 1980?
(a) 35,250.
(b) 29,350.
(c) 41,100.
(d) 25,900.

2. What was the dominant means of securing cheap labor in the early colonial period in America, according to the author in Chapter 1: "The Rebirth of Caste"?
(a) Feudalism.
(b) Native American slavery.
(c) White slavery.
(d) Indentured servitude.

3. In the Urban League's 1990 report, "The State of Black America," it stated, "There is at least one concept that must be recognized if one is to see the pervasive and insidious nature of the drug problem for the African American community. Though difficult to accept, that is the concept of" what?
(a) "Genocide."
(b) "Confidentiality."
(c) "Racism."
(d) "Poverty."

4. Why is Jarvious Cotton unable to vote, according to the author in the Introduction?
(a) He is a slave.
(b) He is illiterate.
(c) He is a felon.
(d) He is unable to pay poll taxes.

5. When was the home of Scott Bryant raided by police in Dodge City, Wisconsin?
(a) June, 2000.
(b) July, 1993.
(c) April, 1995.
(d) March, 1999.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term became ascribed to American Indians as a way of justifying their eradication, according to the author in Chapter 1: "The Rebirth of Caste"?

2. When did the American Civil War end by proclamation?

3. When did the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals release a recommendation that "no new institutions for adults should be build and existing institutions for juveniles should be closed"?

4. What group of people is the focus of The New Jim Crow, according to the author in her Introduction?

5. When was the ruling in Florida v. Bostick decided?

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