The New Jim Crow Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Michelle Alexander and Michelle McCool
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5: "The New Jim Crow".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sentence did Edward Clary originally receive for possession of crack cocaine when he was 18?
(a) 15 years in prison.
(b) 20 years in prison.
(c) Five years in prison.
(d) Ten years in prison.

2. Who is the former executive director of the National Center for Institutions and Alternatives that is cited as saying, "There are certain code words that allow you never to have to say 'race' but everybody knows that's what you mean"?
(a) Lerone Bennett Jr.
(b) Marc Mauer.
(c) Jerome Miller.
(d) C. Vann Woodward.

3. In 2005, how many drug arrests were for possession?
(a) One out of three.
(b) Three out of five.
(c) Two out of five.
(d) Four out of five.

4. What was Terrance Bostick found to be carrying on a Greyhound Bus in the case of Florida v. Bostick?
(a) A pound of quaaludes.
(b) A pound of cocaine.
(c) A pound of heroin.
(d) A pound of marijuana.

5. When does the author describe the raid at Stratford High School in Goose Creek, South Carolina as having taken place in Chapter 2: "The Lockdown"?
(a) July, 1993.
(b) March, 1999.
(c) November, 2003.
(d) August, 2005.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sociologist is cited in Chapter 1: "The Rebirth of Caste" as stating that each reincarnation of racial caste "is less total, less capable of encompassing and controlling the entire race"?

2. When did California modify the Three Strikes Law with Proposition 36?

3. What is the jobless rate for young black male dropouts, including those incarcerated today, according to the author in Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand"?

4. What sociologist is cited as saying in Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand" that those sent to prison "are institutionally branded as a particular class of individuals"?

5. Who was the judge assigned to Edward Clary's case in the Federal District of Missouri?

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