The New Jim Crow Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Michelle Alexander and Michelle McCool
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the history of African slavery in the United States. When did slavery emerge? When did the Transatlantic Slave Trade end? When was slavery abolished and what forms of oppression followed it?

Essay Topic 2

What are Jim Crow laws? When were these laws established? Where were they established? What were the repercussions of the Jim Crow laws?

Essay Topic 3

How does the author define "racial caste"? What systems are in place to establish and maintain racial castes today? What systems from the past does the author discuss?

Essay Topic 4

What is "black exceptionalism"? How does black exceptionalism pose obstacles for civil rights advocates? What are examples of black exceptionalism seen in politics today?

Essay Topic 5

When did the War on Drugs emerge in the United States? How was the media involved in this campaign? What legislation emerged as a result of the War on Drugs? What...

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