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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what related business did B.R come to the Academy of Tobacco Studies?
(a) The United States Senate.
(b) Advertising.
(c) Vending machines.
(d) Tobacco farmers.

2. In Chapter 9, what words does Heather use to describe Nick's assertion that he works for tobacco to pay the rent?
(a) The moral equivalency principle.
(b) Yuppie Nuremberg defense.
(c) Fantastical disassociation.
(d) Aww-shucks rationalization.

3. What does Bliss remember most clearly about Heather Holloway in Chapter 7?
(a) Her feet.
(b) Her body.
(c) Her perfume.
(d) Her laugh.

4. Which famous public figure recently had a sex scandal explode in the restaurant where Nick meets Heather Holloway in Chapter 9?
(a) Senator Finisterre.
(b) Gordon Craighead.
(c) Lorne Lutch.
(d) Jeff Megall.

5. In Chapter 2, what contention does the shooting survivor Bliss interviews make?
(a) She is a better marksman than the killer.
(b) The lunatic should never have been given a license.
(c) The tragedy could be avoided if she had a gun.
(d) Guns are a blight on society.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is Bliss sending the video he made in Chapter 2?

2. Which John Wayne film does Naylor and his son watch at the end of Chapter 3?

3. Why did Polly Bailey move from a Representative's office to the Moderation Council?

4. What international issue is Bailey's ex-boyfriend Hector fiercely concerned about?

5. What uncharacteristic act does BR take regarding Nick at the beginning of Chapter 9?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is USA Today trying to contact Naylor in Chapter 1?

2. What is the MOD Squad?

3. What fire is Bobby Jay Bliss putting out in Chapter 2?

4. How have Naylor's fortunes changed when he returns to the Academy at the beginning of Chapter 7?

5. Why was Nick Naylor fired as a television reporter?

6. How is Nick taken hostage in Chapter 11?

7. Why does Nick survive the attempt on his life by the nico-terrorists?

8. In Chapter 1, what differences between BR and his predecessor does Naylor note?

9. Describe the history of cigarettes as related by Nick Naylor in Chapter 4.

10. Why did Polly Baily join the Moderation Council?

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