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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 2, what does Naylor suspect BR wants to do with his job?
(a) Give it to an ambitious colleague.
(b) Outsource it to a consultancy.
(c) Take it for himself.
(d) Do away with it.

2. What controversial move has Nick Naylor long been making regarding tobacco's public image?
(a) He wants to say cigarettes are a good source of calcium.
(b) He wants to admit cigarettes are a health risk.
(c) He wants to freeze all public statements.
(d) He wants to pay politicians to smoke in their ads.

3. What is written on the sign the nico-terrorist put on Nick in Chapter 12?
(a) Please Deliver to Hell.
(b) Sic Septer Tyranus.
(c) Executed for Crimes Against Humanity.
(d) King of the Liars.

4. With what television journalist does Polly have an interview regarding fetal alcohol syndrome in Chapter 7?
(a) Tim Russert.
(b) Barbara Walters.
(c) Mike Wallace.
(d) Diane Sawyer.

5. To whom is Bliss sending the video he made in Chapter 2?
(a) The Supreme Court.
(b) Congress and the media.
(c) Every SAFETY member.
(d) The President and the Speaker of the House.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the conference at which Naylor is speaking in the Prologue?

2. What uncharacteristic act does BR take regarding Nick at the beginning of Chapter 9?

3. What city does the Captain live and work in?

4. Why is Polly Bailey pleased at Bert's house in Chapter 7?

5. In Chapter 9, what words does Heather use to describe Nick's assertion that he works for tobacco to pay the rent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What bet do Polly and Bobby Jay make at Bert's in Chapter 7?

2. Why is USA Today trying to contact Naylor in Chapter 1?

3. What types of messages does Nick have waiting for him at the Academy in Chapter 7?

4. How does the Academy respond to the death threat in Chapter 9?

5. What is the Academy of Tobacco Studies?

6. In Chapter 1, what differences between BR and his predecessor does Naylor note?

7. How is Nick taken hostage in Chapter 11?

8. Describe the history of cigarettes as related by Nick Naylor in Chapter 4.

9. In Chapter 3, how does BR try to undermine Naylor?

10. Why does Nick survive the attempt on his life by the nico-terrorists?

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