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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does BR order Nick to do at the beginning of Chapter 25?
(a) Go to Winston-Salem.
(b) Pack his things.
(c) Surrender himself to the FBI.
(d) Take a leave of absence.

2. What reason does Nick give the viceroy in Chapter 16 for needing to speak in the bathroom?
(a) He wants to be alone with Viceroy.
(b) He needs to multitask.
(c) He wants to avoid being recorded.
(d) He doesn't want Lady Bent to hear.

3. What conclusion about the deal does Nick give Jeff Megall at the end of Chapter 19?
(a) He is sure the Academy is on board.
(b) They are on if Jeff can guarantee a sequel.
(c) He will have to get back to him.
(d) The Academy will not accept the deal.

4. What does the Captain ask Nick to do regarding Lorne Lutch in Chapter 13?
(a) Interview with him on Good Morning America.
(b) Talk to him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Bribe him.

5. To what does Nick liken the speech BR gives at the beginning Chapter 13?
(a) An inaugural speech.
(b) A eulogy.
(c) A state of the union.
(d) A battlefield address.

6. What type of restaurant does the MOD Squad meet at in Chapter 26?
(a) A Turkish restaurant.
(b) A Polish restaurant.
(c) A Serbian restaurant.
(d) A Moroccan restaurant.

7. Why is Nick hesitant about letting Monmaney and Allman into his apartment in Chapter 22?
(a) He worries Jeannette left her clothes there.
(b) He fears evidence may have been planted there.
(c) He has hash brownies in the freezer.
(d) He hasn't cleaned in weeks.

8. In Chapter 21, what does BR inform Nick the the FBI wants to look at?
(a) His day planner.
(b) His business receipts.
(c) His phone records.
(d) His apartment.

9. Whom does Nick blame on the the investigation when Heather calls him in Chapter 23?
(a) BR.
(b) Lady Dent.
(c) Gordon Craighead.
(d) Senator Finisterre.

10. What news does Jeannette give Nick at dinner in Chapter 15?
(a) Finisterre is introducing new tobacco legislation.
(b) The Captain is dying.
(c) Gordon Craighead was behind his abduction.
(d) BR is thinking of leaving the Academy.

11. In Chapter 26, how does Nick explain the plane ticket purchased on his card to the FBI?
(a) He forgot about his bail agreement.
(b) He bought it before he was arrested.
(c) He was buying it for a friend.
(d) His wallet was stolen.

12. What does the Captain say Nick should ask Lutch to do in return for the Academy's money in Chapter 14?
(a) Return to the Agglomerated Tobacco family.
(b) Stay quiet.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Be in a new advertisement.

13. Which character in this section attempts to get information about Nick's case from contacts at the FBI?
(a) Gomez O'Neal.
(b) Jeff Megall.
(c) The Captain.
(d) Bobby Jay Bliss.

14. What is the name of grassroots smoking group Nick speaks in front to in Chapter 16?
(a) Sons of Winston-Salem.
(b) Tobacconeers.
(c) Puffers.
(d) First Mates.

15. What response to the probably passage of the skull-and-crossbones label does Nick suggest in Chapter 22?
(a) Making the label transparent.
(b) Designing their own skull.
(c) Putting the label on the back of the pack.
(d) Making the label as small as possible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Captain in the hospital in Chapter 14?

2. Who does Nick recommend for Lorne's CNN press conference in Chapter 18?

3. Whose birthday is Jeff Megall unsure if he is attending in Chapter 19?

4. Why did the Captain place a spy in BR's office?

5. How does Nick characterize the money to Lorne Lutch in Chapter 18?

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