Thank You for Smoking Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Nick Naylor defend his position at Clean Lungs 2000?

In the Prologue, Nick Naylor is speaking at the Clean Lungs 2000 conference and he is interrupted by an audience member talking about her relative who died of lung cancer. Naylor responds by telling the story of the Turkish Sultan, Murad the Fourth, who would regularly behead citizens who were caught selling tobacco.

2. What is the Academy of Tobacco Studies?

The Academy of Tobacco Studies in Washington D.C. is a powerful tobacco lobbying firm. It purports to be a medical research firm but all its research is intended to defend the industry against charges of health threats. The Academy was created by the head of Agglomerated Tobacco after Reader's Digest began publishing articles linking smoking to health risks.

3. Why is USA Today trying to contact Naylor in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Nick Naylor returns to the Academy, finding that he has an abundance of phone messages from media outlets and periodicals. USA Today, most annoyingly, is requesting a comment on a new report linking smoking to a rare circulatory condition.

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