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Academy of Tobacco Studies

This group was founded after a series of influential Reader's Digest articles.

The Moderation Council

This group is a beer, wine, and spirits lobby in Washington, D.C.


This group is trying to spin a mass-shooting story at the beginning of the novel.

The MOD Squad

This group meets for lunch once a week.


This is a name given by lobbyists to the neo-Puritans.

Agglomerated Tobacco

This groups is a powerful manufacturer based out of Winston-Salem.

The Washington Moon

This periodical has a slight rightward bent to its reporting.


This group tries to kill the protagonist.

The Finisterre Dynasty

This group includes an assassinated American President.

Death Cigarettes

This object is particularly popular in urban areas.


This location is a popular meeting place for Washington lobbyist.

K Street

This location sis the home of many Washington lobby firms.

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