Thank You for Smoking Fun Activities

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Blows to the Tobacco Industry

As a class, spend a period looking at media that shows the shifts in public perception regarding smoking. Print out the Reader's Digest articles that first linked smoking to health risks in 1959. Watch the famous 60 Minutes interview with Brown and Williamson whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand. Watch a selection PSA's that flooded television in the 1980's and 1990's, developed to dissuade children from smoking

Fictionalize A Celebrity

Have each student in class choose a public figure and create a dossier for a fictionalized version of this person. Everything about the person's biography and work should be the same except for the names and details. Each student should read the dossier of his or her celebrity to the class and see if people guess who it is based on.

Lobby Us

Have the students in class pretend they are a lobbying firm for students. They want...

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