Thank You for Smoking Character Descriptions

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Nick Naylor

This character eventually writes a book called Thank You for Smoking.

Budd Rohrabacher (BR)

This character used to work in the world of cigarette vending machines.

Jeannette Dantine

This character pretends to have a latex fetish.

Polly Bailey

This character dresses as a prostitute to trap a hit man.

Bobby Jay Bliss

This character is missing most of his left arm.

Doak Boykin or the Captain

This character hires a mole to spy on an ambitious employee.

Heather Holloway

This character begins an affair with a lobbyist while interviewing him for a newspaper profile.

Gomez O'Neal

This character is a former CIA spook.

Jeff Megall

This character does business with a Sultan recently charged with genocide.

Lorne Lutch

This character is a former actor dying of cancer.

Senator Ortolan Finisterre

This character is nephew to a slain American president.

Jack Bein

This character calls a visiting...

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