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Short Answer Questions

1. Gargamelle gives birth to Gargantua as a result of:

2. What does Bakhtin assert is evident in Rabelais' plan for Pantagruel's journey?

3. Where did Rabelais collect most of his rich vocabulary?

4. In the example Schneegans offers, what does Rabelais' Friar John assert makes women fertile?

5. According to Schneegans, what is the grotesque in art?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the "Hippocratic Anthology" significant to Rabelais' work?

2. What is the connection between the banquet and speech?

3. Why does the logic of the grotesque ignore the closed surfaces of the body?

4. What is the significance of the two Russian eras of history to which Bakhtin refers in Chapter Three?

5. Why does Bakhtin choose to relate Goethe to Rabelais' work?

6. What is the significance of "cuckoldry," and how is it portrayed?

7. How does Rabelais respond to the geographical changes of his own time and world?

8. What is significant about the language in which Rabelais writes and the sources of many of his words?

9. Describe the figure of "Gros Guillaume" and his significance to Rabelais' novel.

10. Why are eating and drinking two of the most important manifestations of the grotesque body?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how laughter permeates every aspect of Renaissance folk culture, as Bakhtin argues it does. Cite specific examples from the text regarding the carnivalesque, the grotesque, official/unofficial modes of speech, and the ambivalence of certain forms and causes of laughter. Do these portrayals point to a greater "truth," as Bakhtin would say?

Essay Topic 2

What role or roles do banquet images play in Rabelais' novel? How are they connected to popular-festive forms? How does Bakhtin interpret the material body in Rabelais' banquet imagery? How do banquets, eating, and drinking express folk culture? Refer to examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the Medieval and Renaissance views of the world, including the individual, social, and cosmic aspects of the world. What spurred the change from the Medieval to the Renaissance way of thinking? How is this change, and the social, political, and religious controversies or struggles that accompanied it, evident in Rabelais' novel?

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