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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bakhtin asserts that "The Play in the Bower" influenced Rabelais' work specifically in its:
(a) Themes of unofficial laughter and banquet imagery.
(b) Adherence to the rules of proper religious worship.
(c) Themes of human sadness, pessimism, and regret.
(d) Demonstration of rigid and correctly class-conscious behavior.

2. The defense of the abbey by Friar John contains:
(a) A debasing description of the French people.
(b) A caricature of the Pope.
(c) A grotesque combination of sexual intercourse and war.
(d) A travestied allusion to Communion.

3. Bakhtin asserts that in Rabelais' time, food and banquets always contained a sense of:
(a) Depression and resignation.
(b) Physical discomfort.
(c) Victory and regeneration.
(d) Intellectual stimulation.

4. What is a Renaissance "diablerie"?
(a) A type of behavior manual that purports to stop devilish behavior.
(b) A curse one shouts at another, meaning, "To the devil with you!"
(c) A series of prayers one says to beg forgiveness for misbehavior.
(d) A portion of Carnival in which actors dress up as devils.

5. Why did Hippocrates assert such an influence on Rabelais?
(a) All his works were set in the marketplace.
(b) The theme of the grotesque body in his works.
(c) The theme of religious fervor in his works.
(d) Hippocrates' exclusive emphasis on folk culture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bakhtin asserts that the spirit of Carnival is essentially:

2. In Rabelais' novel, the words "to die" are closely associated with:

3. What in Rabelais' novel is a travesty of Gospel miracles?

4. Bakhtin asserts that Rabelais' language, and the language of Renaissance France, was above all:

5. From which Catholic ritual does Panurge profit in _Pantagruel_?

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