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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Bakhtin's time, what genre was being closely defined by the Soviet government?
(a) The novel.
(b) The lyric.
(c) The biography.
(d) The epic poem.

2. With what is "folk culture" most concerned?
(a) Commerce and industry.
(b) The affairs of royalty.
(c) Foreign songs, art, and stories.
(d) The lives of ordinary people.

3. How is the Rabelaisian use of tripe an excellent example of grotesque realism?
(a) It is the epitome of disgusting.
(b) It merges the positive and negative, or upper and lower, spheres of the body.
(c) It is a drug which offers the user a glimpse of a higher plane of existence.
(d) It combines fantasy with reality in one type of cuisine.

4. What in particular forms the basic elements of Rabelais' novel _Gargantua_?
(a) Autobiographical observations of Rabelais' own life.
(b) Classical myths.
(c) Historical allusions.
(d) Predictions of the future.

5. The vocabulary of the prologue of _Gargantua_ is:
(a) Purely abusive and vulgar.
(b) Objective and editorially distant.
(c) Loaded with comparatives and superlatives.
(d) Quietly reflective and speculative.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Rabelais linked so closely to the Lyon fairs?

2. With what portion of the body is grotesque debasement most concerned?

3. What does Bakhtin find to be the greatest error other critics make in their studies of Rabelais' works?

4. Clowns and fools are:

5. How are Bakhtin and Rabelais similar?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bakhtin state that in Rabelais' novel everyday kitchen implements and foods have an intrinsic value?

2. Describe Friar John.

3. Why do modern readers find it difficult to read Rabelais' novel?

4. What is important about the figure of the physician in Rabelais' novel?

5. What are the "cris de Paris," or "street cries"?

6. What role do oaths and profanities fill in Rabelais' novel?

7. How is Bakhtin's book "double-voiced," as Michael Holquist asserts it is?

8. Describe two episodes of beatings or injury are specifically centered around the theme of feasting.

9. How does Bakhtin get around the prohibition of certain kinds of satire and irony in his own time?

10. What was Rabelais' relationship with the fairs based upon?

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