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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rabelais associate closely with the underworld?
(a) Mountains and ridges.
(b) Bodily depression after too much feasting.
(c) The depths of the human heart.
(d) Various types of holes.

2. From what does Panurge suggest the protective walls of Paris be built?
(a) Arms of strong warriors.
(b) Bull horns.
(c) Female genitalia.
(d) Monks' robes.

3. What body part is most often used in grotesque caricatures of sexual potency?
(a) The feet.
(b) The torso.
(c) The hands.
(d) The nose.

4. Gargamelle gives birth to Gargantua as a result of:
(a) Praying for a child.
(b) Eating too much tripe.
(c) Casting a spell of birth.
(d) A spirit impregnating her.

5. Bakhtin finds that ___________ are especially closely interwoven with the grotesque body.
(a) Secrets of lovers.
(b) Acts of war.
(c) Intelligent scholars.
(d) Banquet images.

6. "Fat William," of comic folklore, symbolized:
(a) The entire body of the people.
(b) Catholicism's huge influence in Europe.
(c) The health risks of obesity.
(d) Bread and wine in bodily form.

7. To what are "swabs" most closely related?
(a) The material body upper stratum.
(b) The liver and gallbladder's production of bile.
(c) The material body lower stratum.
(d) The spiritual intellect's conversant function

8. Bakhtin asserts that in Rabelais' time, food and banquets always contained a sense of:
(a) Intellectual stimulation.
(b) Depression and resignation.
(c) Victory and regeneration.
(d) Physical discomfort.

9. In Rabelais' novel, the words "to die" are closely associated with:
(a) Sexual fulfillment.
(b) Passing out after drinking too much wine.
(c) Losing a debate with a scholar.
(d) Being eaten or swallowed up.

10. The defense of the abbey by Friar John contains:
(a) A caricature of the Pope.
(b) A travestied allusion to Communion.
(c) A grotesque combination of sexual intercourse and war.
(d) A debasing description of the French people.

11. Bakhtin asserts that the spirit of Carnival is essentially:
(a) One of immortality and regeneration.
(b) One of dullness and duty.
(c) One of innocence and confusion.
(d) One of pessimism and regression.

12. What in Rabelais' novel is a travesty of Gospel miracles?
(a) Epistemon's resurrection and visions of the underworld.
(b) Gargantua's glimpse into heaven and dialogue with God.
(c) Friar John's defense of the abbey vineyards and beating of thousands.
(d) Panurge's seduction of a local knight's wife.

13. Bakhtin finds food and drink representative of society because:
(a) Feasts were the only time available for socialization.
(b) Certain societies eat only certain foods.
(c) The work of collecting and preparing meals was a community affair.
(d) The type of food or drink determines the type of person.

14. In Medieval satires, the dismemberment of portions of the body relates to:
(a) The general conception of the divine.
(b) The topography of the continents.
(c) The separate portions of society.
(d) The human body itself.

15. What does Bakhtin assert is evident in Rabelais' plan for Pantagruel's journey?
(a) Rabelais' own morbid fascination with death.
(b) Rabelais' critique of contemporary politics.
(c) Rabelais' response to his world's changing geography.
(d) Rabelais' fanciful, imaginative creation of impossible places.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was gaming very important in the Renaissance?

2. At the beginning of Chapter 6, Bakhtin argues that Rabelais' entire novel exhibits a clear, general __________ thematic trend.

3. What are the languages involved in what Bakhtin terms the "triple linguistic process" of Rabelais' time?

4. Which aspect of Renaissance culture does Bakhtin stress is still apparent in Western society today?

5. How does Bakhtin define "carnivalesque hell"?

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