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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, Chapter 7 - Rabelais' Images & His Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which aspect of Renaissance culture does Bakhtin stress is still apparent in Western society today?
(a) Public thrashings.
(b) Clowns and fools.
(c) Carnival.
(d) Street cries.

2. What repressive organization was Bakhtin forced to join in order to continue writing?
(a) The Russian Union of Writers.
(b) The National Writers' Agency.
(c) The Post-Revolution Press
(d) The Soviet Society of National Fiction.

3. What are the "Catchpoles" of which Rabelais writes?
(a) Vegetables which require being strung to a pole in order to grow.
(b) People who earn money by allowing others to beat them.
(c) Materials used to build large meeting-houses.
(d) Animals sent into the wild as sacrifices.

4. In Rabelais' time, jurons, or profanities and oaths, were most often concerned with:
(a) Sacred themes, such as saints and relics.
(b) Marketplace vendors who cheated their customers.
(c) Monarchs who subjugated their people.
(d) Family ties, such as one's in-laws.

5. Bakhtin associates Friar John's beating of the men with:
(a) Juvenalian satires of public figures.
(b) The Dionysian feast of the grape harvest.
(c) Market vendors who assault non-paying customers.
(d) The last charge of Charlemagne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of work did Rabelais often publish, especially for the fairs?

2. Bakhtin asserts that Rabelais' language, and the language of Renaissance France, was above all:

3. During Bakhtin's time, what genre was being closely defined by the Soviet government?

4. Which grotesque elements does Bakhtin note were included in the procession of the feast of Corpus Christi?

5. How does Bakhtin define the novel?

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