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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, Chapter 7 - Rabelais' Images & His Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bakhtin defines the early French work "The Play in the Bower" as a:
(a) Farce.
(b) Tragedy.
(c) Melodrama.
(d) Comic drama.

2. What is the "sia ammazzato" of which Goethe writes?
(a) A parade showcasing exotic animals and curious goods from distant lands.
(b) A portion of Carnival where everyone tries to blow out each other's candles.
(c) The final event of Carnival, in which the Church gives alms to the poor.
(d) The great feast in the middle of Carnival where everyone eats tripe.

3. What does the etymology of Gargantua's name suggest his name means?
(a) The torso and the mass of the individual.
(b) The legs and the height of the individual.
(c) The genitals and the act of sexual intercourse.
(d) The throat and the act of swallowing.

4. In Rabelais' time, jurons, or profanities and oaths, were most often concerned with:
(a) Monarchs who subjugated their people.
(b) Sacred themes, such as saints and relics.
(c) Family ties, such as one's in-laws.
(d) Marketplace vendors who cheated their customers.

5. According to Bakhtin, the "birth" of the word by the clown is an example of:
(a) The difficulty of spreading information in an illiterate culture.
(b) The inherent comedic potential of words and speech.
(c) The switching of the lower bodily functions with the higher ones.
(d) The privileging of intellect over the baser functions of the body.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bakhtin, Carnival was the true symbol and incarnation of:

2. According to Bakhtin, what is directly related to the oversized foods common at Renaissance feasts?

3. Where did Rabelais collect most of his rich vocabulary?

4. "Friar John" is heavily associated with:

5. What does Panurge fear if he gets married?

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