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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, Chapter 7 - Rabelais' Images & His Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bakhtin argue is the relationship between the death of Tappecoue and the episode of the Catchpoles?
(a) Sexual relationships take center stage in each event.
(b) The sin of violence is paramount in each.
(c) Freedom and equality are expressed bodily and coarsely in each event.
(d) The local people were shocked and saddened by each event.

2. What style does Bakhtin find the prologue of _Pantagruel_ to be written in?
(a) It is rhetorical and persuasive.
(b) It is innocent and childlike.
(c) It is ironic and maliciously exaggerated.
(d) It is dark and foreboding.

3. Bakhtin asserts that in the episode of Gargantua's birth, the dividing lines between _______ are erased.
(a) Earthly and divine spiritual relationships.
(b) Human and animal consciousness.
(c) Human and animal organs.
(d) Children and adults.

4. With what portion of the body is grotesque debasement most concerned?
(a) The head and eyes.
(b) The arms and legs.
(c) The spiritual interior essence.
(d) The material lower stratum.

5. How does Bakhtin define "carnivalesque hell"?
(a) Negative because everyone, including demons, are always suffering.
(b) Depraved because it encourages wanton sexual gratification.
(c) Ambivalent because it includes both fear and laughter.
(d) Leisurely because everyone seems to be on holiday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Carnival allowed:

2. In the Renaissance, bodily excretions were closely associated with:

3. Gargamelle gives birth to Gargantua as a result of:

4. What does Bakhtin argue is the role of dialogue?

5. Rabelais expresses the debasement of suffering and fear by associating them with:

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