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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Chapter 5 - The Grotesque Image of the Body Concludes and Chapter 6 - Images of the Material Bodily Lower Stratum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bakhtin, what is the function of art?
(a) To be beautiful in and of itself.
(b) To communicate meaningful messages.
(c) To glorify the artist.
(d) To be sold for money or services.

2. One of Rabelais' main sources for his enumerations of food was a Medieval treatise about:
(a) Lenten and non-Lenten foods.
(b) Restrictions of food for pregnant women.
(c) The proper order in which to eat banquet foods.
(d) The ways in which chicken tasted better than pheasant.

3. What do Rabelais' various works indicate about the popular notion of urination?
(a) Urination fertilizes the earth and creates bodies of water.
(b) Urination is a medical mystery that baffles doctors.
(c) Urination can only be used for comic purposes.
(d) Urination is disgusting and should be done privately.

4. How did the French Romanticists respond to Rabelais' works?
(a) With complete understanding of Medieval and Renaissance culture.
(b) With an appreciation of, and interest in, the grotesque.
(c) They ignored Rabelais completely.
(d) With disgust and negative criticism.

5. What are the targets of the abusive language in Rabelais' prologue to the Third Book?
(a) Members of the aristocracy whose political ideals are not in keeping with Rabelais' ideals.
(b) Average townsfolk who have imbibed too much wine.
(c) Foreign travelers who have offended the traditions of Carnival.
(d) Representatives of old, hypocritical, serious Medieval philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the "form" of any kind of art express?

2. What do wine and oil symbolize in Rabelais' novel?

3. What does young Gargantua study in order to become acquainted with the common folk?

4. The episode in which Pantagruel and his companions defeat King Anarchus' knights combines:

5. In grotesque realism, the body is most often represented as:

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