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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Chapter 5 - The Grotesque Image of the Body Concludes and Chapter 6 - Images of the Material Bodily Lower Stratum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bakhtin, what is the function of art?
(a) To be beautiful in and of itself.
(b) To be sold for money or services.
(c) To glorify the artist.
(d) To communicate meaningful messages.

2. Bakhtin believes that novels are:
(a) Random, like stream-of-consciousness.
(b) Inherently confessional.
(c) Socially charged and polemical.
(d) Utterly separate from the author's own life.

3. How does the Lord of Basche contrive to bring Catchpoles to his castle?
(a) By celebrating mock weddings.
(b) By giving away his possessions.
(c) By celebrating Mass.
(d) By offering people absolution from their sins.

4. How did Rabelais obtain the material for his writings?
(a) By attending many fairs and festivals and observing all the people there.
(b) By interviewing thousands of market vendors.
(c) By receiving a divine revelation.
(d) By studying manuscripts for long hours in monasteries.

5. In Rabelais' time, the word "drum" and the act of drumming connoted:
(a) Sexuality.
(b) Nature.
(c) Spiritual awakening.
(d) Death.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Schneegans, what is the grotesque in art?

2. What does Rabelais parody in his response to the episode of Gargantua's birth?

3. Bakhtin generally finds Goethe's sense of Carnival's _____________ to agree with his own views.

4. What event that Rabelais relates does he assert is the origin of the name of the city of Paris?

5. How does Bakhtin define the novel?

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