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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Chapter 2, Language of the Marketplace Cont..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bakhtin thinks that life is:
(a) Inert, chaotic, and requiring the intervention of art.
(b) A sacrifice the soul makes to the body.
(c) Meaningless and futile.
(d) Organized by human acts of behavior and cognition.

2. What does Bakhtin find inadequate in Veselovsky's metaphor of Rabelais as a village boy?
(a) Veselovsky's image is too young at heart, for Rabelais wrote only with an old, tired voice.
(b) Veselovsky's image seems too urban for Rabelais, who only wrote about the countryside.
(c) Veselovsky's image excludes the seriousness of the boy as a budding scholar.
(d) Veselovsky's image is cynical, but Rabelais actually celebrates regenerative laughter.

3. Comic rituals in Medieval and Renaissance Europe were:
(a) All that which linked the living to the dead.
(b) Necessary to mercantile transactions.
(c) Taboo in all settings but the royal court.
(d) Freed of the trappings of religious dogma and mysticism.

4. During Bakhtin's time, what genre was being closely defined by the Soviet government?
(a) The novel.
(b) The biography.
(c) The lyric.
(d) The epic poem.

5. What does young Gargantua study in order to become acquainted with the common folk?
(a) Physically demanding activities.
(b) The way young people are educated.
(c) Interactions between men and women.
(d) Herbs and medicines.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, according to Bakhtin, does Rabelais treat excrement ambivalently?

2. How, according to Bakhtin, does the current Russian literary criticism approach Rabelais' works?

3. How does the prologue of _Pantagruel_ demonstrate the connection between literature and the marketplace?

4. In Rabelais' works, some causes of diseases associated with the material body lower stratum are:

5. What does the "form" of any kind of art express?

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