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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Chapter 2, Language of the Marketplace Cont..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bakhtin define the novel?
(a) As a worthless type of literature.
(b) As a work of pure imagination.
(c) As a multiplicity of styles.
(d) As a single-voiced text.

2. The vocabulary of the prologue of _Gargantua_ is:
(a) Objective and editorially distant.
(b) Quietly reflective and speculative.
(c) Purely abusive and vulgar.
(d) Loaded with comparatives and superlatives.

3. Bakhtin believes that novels are:
(a) Inherently confessional.
(b) Utterly separate from the author's own life.
(c) Random, like stream-of-consciousness.
(d) Socially charged and polemical.

4. How are abusive and praiseful words reflective of grotesque realism?
(a) The words reflect incompatible sides of certain social classes of people.
(b) The words are carefully chosen by the speaker to disgust the listener.
(c) The words are spoken in a language the listener cannot understand, so they sound like gibberish.
(d) The words combine two sides of the same form or feeling into an ambivalent but cohesive social structure.

5. Why are Rabelais' billingsgate elements considered "coarse and cynical" by most scholars?
(a) These elements express a deep distrust of contemporary society.
(b) Many scholars interpret them only in a modern context.
(c) The Latin derivations of his scatological vocabulary mean "cynical."
(d) Many scholars believe that Rabelais himself was bitter from publication disputes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the French Romanticists respond to Rabelais' works?

2. What was unique about the Russian Revolution?

3. How does Bakhtin interpret the relevance of the cries of Paris to Renaissance France?

4. The verbal interactions between the Renaissance marketplace hawker and the crowd were above all:

5. Clowns and fools are:

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