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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Chapter 2 - The Language of the Marketplace.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some critics argue has been absent from Russian literature?
(a) Religious fervor.
(b) Political dissent.
(c) Sexually-charged dialogue.
(d) A particularly Western type of humor.

2. What do oaths and curses have in common with town announcements and the calls of vendors?
(a) They are the only socially acceptable methods of greeting strangers.
(b) They all are familiar parts of the society of the marketplace.
(c) They are all said with the same feelings in mind.
(d) They all are forbidden during certain times of the year.

3. How did Rabelais obtain the material for his writings?
(a) By attending many fairs and festivals and observing all the people there.
(b) By receiving a divine revelation.
(c) By interviewing thousands of market vendors.
(d) By studying manuscripts for long hours in monasteries.

4. How are Bakhtin and Rabelais similar?
(a) They both subvert the social prohibition on laughter, satire, and irony.
(b) They both directly challenge the government by running for political office.
(c) They live in the same country.
(d) They both write mostly novels.

5. Bakhtin connects Medieval "seriousness" most closely to:
(a) Inspiration and hope.
(b) Scholarly activities.
(c) Fear, weakness, and violence.
(d) Feasting, spectacles, and sex.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Rabelais' various works indicate about the popular notion of urination?

2. Medieval parodies were:

3. What in particular forms the basic elements of Rabelais' novel _Gargantua_?

4. To what does Veselovsky compare Rabelais?

5. Did the "unofficial" and "official" forms of speech ever coincide?

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