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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, Chapter 6 - Images of the Material Bodily Lower Stratum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what does Panurge suggest the protective walls of Paris be built?
(a) Arms of strong warriors.
(b) Bull horns.
(c) Female genitalia.
(d) Monks' robes.

2. How are abusive and praiseful words reflective of grotesque realism?
(a) The words combine two sides of the same form or feeling into an ambivalent but cohesive social structure.
(b) The words are spoken in a language the listener cannot understand, so they sound like gibberish.
(c) The words reflect incompatible sides of certain social classes of people.
(d) The words are carefully chosen by the speaker to disgust the listener.

3. What does Bakhtin consider the "symposium" of Medieval grotesque realism?
(a) Bear-baiting in the town square.
(b) Vows spoken between lovers.
(c) The tradition of festive speech.
(d) Refereed debates between two clergymen.

4. In Rabelais' time, the word "drum" and the act of drumming connoted:
(a) Nature.
(b) Sexuality.
(c) Spiritual awakening.
(d) Death.

5. According to Bakhtin, the "birth" of the word by the clown is an example of:
(a) The switching of the lower bodily functions with the higher ones.
(b) The privileging of intellect over the baser functions of the body.
(c) The inherent comedic potential of words and speech.
(d) The difficulty of spreading information in an illiterate culture.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the Rabelaisian use of tripe an excellent example of grotesque realism?

2. Gargamelle gives birth to Gargantua as a result of:

3. What episode does Bakhtin cite as exemplifying the image of the gaping mouth prevalent in Rabelais' novel?

4. What does Rabelais associate closely with the underworld?

5. According to Bakhtin, what is directly related to the oversized foods common at Renaissance feasts?

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