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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, Chapter 6 - Images of the Material Bodily Lower Stratum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Rabelais linked so closely to the Lyon fairs?
(a) The organizers of the fairs in Lyon banned Rabelais from attending them.
(b) Rabelais was a performing clown for several years in these fairs.
(c) Rabelais was a chief organizer of these fairs.
(d) Lyon fairs represented one of the largest markets for publishing.

2. How does Rabelais accomplish the grotesque degradation of his target in the prologue to the Third Book?
(a) By accusing the targets of paganism and crimes against the Church.
(b) By declaring the targets to be empty-headed.
(c) By declaring the targets incapable of the basest bodily functions.
(d) By insulting the targets' mothers.

3. Bakhtin asserts that beatings, death, feasting, and merrymaking are all integral parts of:
(a) The Renaissance notion that all which is already established is perfect.
(b) Rabelais' view of the proper treatment of foreigners and peasants.
(c) The methods of marketplace vendors in overpricing their goods.
(d) The Renaissance system of images that is perpetually regenerative and never decaying.

4. "Friar John" is heavily associated with:
(a) Nature and the earth.
(b) Intellect and spirit.
(c) Sex and love.
(d) Food and battles.

5. In grotesque realism, the body is most often represented as:
(a) A whole unit, interior merged with exterior.
(b) Subordinate to the higher functions of the brain.
(c) A faulty copy of the Divine.
(d) Several separate units fighting with each other for superiority.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bakhtin generally finds Goethe's sense of Carnival's _____________ to agree with his own views.

2. How is the Rabelaisian use of tripe an excellent example of grotesque realism?

3. The prologue of _Pantagruel_ is a parody and travesty of:

4. Which grotesque elements does Bakhtin note were included in the procession of the feast of Corpus Christi?

5. In Medieval satires, the dismemberment of portions of the body relates to:

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