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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, Chapter 6 - Images of the Material Bodily Lower Stratum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the folklore and grotesque realism of Rabelais' works, excrement represents bodies and matter that are:
(a) Mostly comic.
(b) Generally revered.
(c) One with the earth.
(d) Frightening and terrible.

2. With what is "folk culture" most concerned?
(a) Commerce and industry.
(b) The affairs of royalty.
(c) Foreign songs, art, and stories.
(d) The lives of ordinary people.

3. In Rabelais' novel, the words "to die" are closely associated with:
(a) Passing out after drinking too much wine.
(b) Sexual fulfillment.
(c) Being eaten or swallowed up.
(d) Losing a debate with a scholar.

4. According to Bakhtin, the "birth" of the word by the clown is an example of:
(a) The switching of the lower bodily functions with the higher ones.
(b) The privileging of intellect over the baser functions of the body.
(c) The inherent comedic potential of words and speech.
(d) The difficulty of spreading information in an illiterate culture.

5. What does Bakhtin assert is evident in Rabelais' use of games that combine play and prophecy?
(a) A ponderous, scholarly approach to the study of history.
(b) A disregard for the importance of historical figures.
(c) A highly spiritual notion of the relevance of human history.
(d) A carnivalesque conception of the historical process.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bakhtin consider the most indispensable element of folk culture?

2. Bakhtin asserts that in Rabelais' time, food and banquets always contained a sense of:

3. What are the "intelligentsia"?

4. How are abusive and praiseful words reflective of grotesque realism?

5. Why does Bakhtin cite Goethe as a source about the nature of Carnival?

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