Rabelais and His World Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Book 1, Rabelais & His World : Chapter 1, Foreward

1. Mikhail Bakhtin is:
(a) A vocal Eastern Orthodox cleric.
(b) A fictional figure created to be the mouthpiece of an anonymous author.
(c) The most famous Russian writer ever.
(d) A somewhat mysterious but increasingly interesting literary figure.

2. According to Bakhtin, what is the function of art?
(a) To glorify the artist.
(b) To be beautiful in and of itself.
(c) To be sold for money or services.
(d) To communicate meaningful messages.

3. What does the "form" of any kind of art express?
(a) Only one possible message.
(b) A system of values.
(c) Whatever the audience chooses.
(d) The materials from which the art is constructed.

4. How does Bakhtin define the novel?
(a) As a work of pure imagination.
(b) As a single-voiced text.
(c) As a multiplicity of styles.
(d) As a worthless type of literature.

5. According to Bakhtin's semiotic understanding, what irony is inherent within the creative power of language?
(a) Language does not actually express anything.
(b) No word can actually ever be defined.
(c) The individual expresses him- or herself only through the words of others.
(d) All languages are one.

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