Rabelais and His World Character Descriptions

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Mikhail Bakhtin - This person is the author, who has had a growing reputation as a great intellectual of 20th-century Russia.

Rabelais - This person was a literary figure of the Medieval and Renaissance periods who wrote fictional works for the masses.

Friar John - This character is a fictional representation of real social figures. This character is aggressive but also responsible and dutiful.

King Anarchus - This character falls from a high social standing and must attempt to live an ordinary life.

God - This character has many followers who are often both praised and mocked in the book.

Devil - This character is positively associated with the carnival, with the pagan behaviors of the people, and with everything unofficial.

Piedmont - This figure was a political leader in Rabelais' time.

Michael Holquist - This scholar contextualizes the book in the Prologue.

Krystyna Pomorska - This...

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