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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The crossword puzzles grow harder as
(a) They include sports and opera.
(b) The months progress.
(c) The week progresses.
(d) They are translated into French.

2. Why did Hugh's family live in the Congo?
(a) Hugh's father was with the U.S. State Department.
(b) Hugh's father was a U.S. Senator.
(c) Hugh's father was African.
(d) Hugh's father was a missionary.

3. Though Sedaris is in Paris, he spends most of his time
(a) Watching documentaries.
(b) Watching silent films.
(c) Watching American films.
(d) Watching foreign films.

4. What is the most difficult part of learning French for Sedaris?
(a) Memorizing nouns.
(b) Conjugating verbs.
(c) Memorizing plural forms of nouns.
(d) Memorizing which nouns are masculine and feminine.

5. Sedaris is disappointed when
(a) Police inform him that the accident is not a planned part of the show.
(b) Police accuse him of being a gawker.
(c) Police help the blonde woman at the fair.
(d) Police make everyone leave the scene at the Paris fair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some of the themes Sedaris finds common in his fantasies are

2. Sedaris finds that some stereotypes about Americans are:

3. The celebrity Sedaris' barber is fascinated by is

4. What does Sedaris admit to feeling for America?

5. Whose childhood stories does Sedaris borrow for this essay?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sedaris fear he is considered the village idiot in Normandy?

2. Ultimately, how does Sedaris claim to feel about Hugh's experiences?

3. What gives Sedaris a new confidence about speaking French?

4. How does Sedaris attempt to charm his teacher with his humor?

5. Why is Sedaris even more afraid to speak French while taking a class in Paris?

6. Why is Sedaris devastated to learn that his former boyfriend works the Times crossword puzzle?

7. Why does the barber refuse to believe Jodi Foster would clean up after her own dog while walking on the beach?

8. Why does Sedaris find the many signs posted in America ironic?

9. Why are Sedaris' fantasies about manipulating American people rather than French people?

10. While watching the girl dangle from a broken ride at the Paris street fair, what is Sedaris most concerned about?

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