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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sedaris watches American movies in Paris, he
(a) Does not feel homesick.
(b) Does not feel ashamed to be American.
(c) Does not feel guilty for escaping to the theatre.
(d) Does not remember he is in Paris.

2. The crossword puzzles grow harder as
(a) They include sports and opera.
(b) The week progresses.
(c) They are translated into French.
(d) The months progress.

3. One glaring difference Sedaris notices between watching movies in the U.S and watching them in Paris is
(a) No one eats during the movies in Paris.
(b) No one talks during the movies in Paris.
(c) No one needs subtitles in Paris.
(d) No one knows who he is in Paris.

4. The Texans on the Metro do not make room for the growing crowd because
(a) They are too tired to get up.
(b) They are unable to read the signs instructing them to do so.
(c) They feel entitled to their seats.
(d) They are unable to make their seats fold up.

5. When Sedaris can no longer turn to his friends and family for help with the puzzles, he
(a) Has to buy reference books.
(b) Has to buy a cell phone to call them in America.
(c) Has to give up the puzzles for a while.
(d) Has to buy a French dictionary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the class have to explain Easter to the Moroccan woman?

2. Sedaris initially offends the American couple by

3. When Hugh's father was late picking him up from the movies, he discovered

4. Using the reference books, Sedaris discovers a whole new world of

5. Sedaris says he sounds like an evil baby when speaking French because

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sedaris do to help himself sleep at night when various beverages fail him?

2. What does Sedaris finally conclude about his obsession with crossword puzzles?

3. Describe the Easter celebration the Sedaris family held each year.

4. In the end, what does the class discussion on Easter lead Sedaris to conclude?

5. How has Sedaris' childhood been different from Hugh's?

6. Why does Sedaris fear he is considered the village idiot in Normandy?

7. How does Sedaris attempt to charm his teacher with his humor?

8. Why does Sedaris believe he cannot have the same movie-viewing experiences in America that he has in Paris?

9. What helps Sedaris overcome his distaste for the Walkman?

10. Describe one way in which Sedaris attempts to memorize masculine and feminine nouns.

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