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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Thanks to his sister, Amy, Sedaris learns
(a) The score to Madame Butterfly.
(b) The score to Phantom of the Opera.
(c) Medical terms in French.
(d) Literary terms in French.

2. Sedaris does poorly on the IQ test because
(a) The testing room was too hot.
(b) He does not understand the questions in French.
(c) He is distracted by the teacher.
(d) He does not know the answers to the questions.

3. Tea keeps Sedaris awake because
(a) It is caffeinated and makes him need to use the bathroom.
(b) It is considered "decaf," which offends him.
(c) He does not like the taste of it.
(d) He can only drink a cup or two before it makes him sick.

4. Why did Hugh's family live in the Congo?
(a) Hugh's father was African.
(b) Hugh's father was a U.S. Senator.
(c) Hugh's father was with the U.S. State Department.
(d) Hugh's father was a missionary.

5. Some of the themes Sedaris finds common in his fantasies are
(a) Good looks and the ability to control others.
(b) The ability to control others and be uncontrollable himself.
(c) Good looks and an interest in the good of all others.
(d) The ability to foresee the future, and the ability to correct others' mistakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sedaris claims he sees so many movies because

2. Sedaris confesses his own fear is that

3. Amy Sedaris sends her brother

4. Sedaris deals with his new fear of speaking French by

5. What holiday does Sedaris find himself explaining to a Moroccan woman in his French class?

Short Essay Questions

1. What gives Sedaris a new confidence about speaking French?

2. What does Sedaris finally conclude about his obsession with crossword puzzles?

3. Describe one way in which Sedaris attempts to memorize masculine and feminine nouns.

4. Why is Reggie so indignant about his job on the construction site clean-up crew?

5. Why does Sedaris finally start referring to nouns in their plural form?

6. Why does Sedaris believe he cannot have the same movie-viewing experiences in America that he has in Paris?

7. Describe the Easter celebration the Sedaris family held each year.

8. Why are Sedaris' fantasies about manipulating American people rather than French people?

9. Why does Sedaris fear he is considered the village idiot in Normandy?

10. Why is Sedaris devastated to learn that his former boyfriend works the Times crossword puzzle?

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