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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Big Boy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Lou Sedaris to enroll his children in music lessons?
(a) He attends a concert for Dave Brubeck and his sons.
(b) He attends a jazz festival with his children.
(c) He attends a concert for the Von Trapp Family Singers.
(d) His attends a rock concert with his children.

2. Paul's relationship with his father might be described as
(a) Honest and direct.
(b) Blunt and hurtful.
(c) Callous and indifferent.
(d) Coddling and protective.

3. Sedaris recalls that his mother explained
(a) That one should never make a bowel movement at another's home.
(b) That everyone had bowel movements, but that we should not admit to them.
(c) That everyone had bowel movements, so he should not be ashamed about them.
(d) That one should never leave a toilet unflushed.

4. Sedaris' mother might be described as
(a) An inventor.
(b) Visionary.
(c) A theorist.
(d) Pragmatic.

5. Sedaris' mother connects most closely with
(a) The collies' puppies.
(b) Madchen 1.
(c) Her cats.
(d) The collies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sedaris compares his father's most recent dog, Sophie, to

2. Two extreme facets of Paul's personality are

3. Why are the fishermen interested in Lou Sedaris' equation?

4. The Japanese cartoon Fatty and Skinny makes Sedaris sad because

5. What skill does Sedaris admire in his mother that eludes him?

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