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Lesson 1 (from Go Carolina)


Students will consider the author's use of symbols to develop the themes of belonging and being different in Go Carolina.


1) As a whole class, students will list symbols the author uses to differentiate between the popular and "normal" kids, and those like himself. Reviewing the list, students will use passages from the chapter as support for their ideas.

2) In small groups, students will identify a symbol of belonging or being different in Go Carolina. Groups will prepare an argument for the connotations of their symbol using textual evidence as support.

3) Individually, students will write a paragraph on Sedaris' definitions of belonging and "normalcy," or on being different. Students will share these paragraphs aloud, using evidence from the text to support their points.

4) For homework, students will write their own paragraph defining belonging and normalcy, or being different from the status quo.

5) For homework, students will...

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