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Create a scrabble game, digital and/or mechanical, of the terms you learned from the book, such as postmodernism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, concretizes, and signifier. This game will hone your memory skills as well as impress your friends!

Theory to Practice

Much of Eagleton's discussion revolves around the connection between politics and literary theory. Identify a passion and/or cause in your life and apply your favorite theory to advance this cause. If you are interested in animal rights, for instance, create a site that addresses the ideology behind pet ownership in this country. This is a creative, challenging, and potentially rewarding exercise.

One Author One Theory

Choose a book by one of your favorite authors and analyze it using a literary theory. How does the meaning of the work become richer and more fulfilling with this new perspective?

Opening the canon

Eagleton discusses how the canon is...

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