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Advertising Poster

Write an advertising poster attempting to recruit Chinese workmen to come to the United States in the late 19th century. Mention any dangers and disadvantages, but emphasize what opportunities and possibilities are available.

Mapping a City's Ethnic Composition

Make a "map" of Boston or New York, showing the comparative size of the different ethnic groups that concentrated there in one of the years emphasized by Sowell: 1900 or 1920. You do not need to locate the group correctly, only show the size of each cluster of immigrants compared to the population of the city as a whole.

Voyage to America: Drawing the Ship

Use the Internet to find a picture typical of the sailing vessels in which the early immigrants came. Draw the inside of the cargo hold where the passengers were confined, and show the room they had for sleeping, storing their possessions, eating, etc.

Charting the Travel

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