Ethnic America: A History Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter I, The American Mosaic

• Every nationality, race and religion is represented in the United States.

• Ethnic immigrants form cultures of their own, distinct from the mainstream and from their home countries.

• Eight different ethnic groups exceed the national average for socioeconomic success.
• Some groups who have been most discriminated against have been ultimately most successful.

• Fertility is greatest among the poorest groups.

• High fertility directly lowers the standard of living because there are more mouths to feed for each income producer.
• Social attitudes toward ethnic groups change over time.

• Ethnic groups adopt more acceptable behaviors and themselves change over time.

• Pluralism became an ideal when the toll of mutual intolerance became too great.

Chapter II, The Irish

• The Irish were the first numerous ethnic minority in American cities.

• The Irish took menial jobs, lived in poor quality housing, and contended with various social problems.

• The average life...

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