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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the consequences for democratic societies when conformity exists?
(a) Distrust of infomation and a willingness to believe what is told to you.
(b) Dominance over others is encouraged and rewarded.
(c) Too little information is shared with society.
(d) Too much trust in the community and dominance over others.

2. What is the original self?
(a) Self that does not think.
(b) Self that thinks like society.
(c) Self that originates its own mental activities.
(d) Self that thinks like the leader.

3. What did Hitler's sadistic nature lead him to desire?
(a) He wanted to dominate and be submissive.
(b) He sought power over others.
(c) He wished to help others.
(d) He wanted to be dominated.

4. According to Fromm, why does sadism appear natural?
(a) It emphasizes the survival of nature over man.
(b) It is how animals survive.
(c) It is not natural.
(d) It emphasizes the survival of the fittest over nature and man.

5. What is "Mein Kampf"?
(a) A book about pre-Hitler Germany.
(b) A book about the Holocaust.
(c) A German history book.
(d) Hitler's autobiography.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is automaton conformity?

2. Why did the second group of Germans who both supported the Nazis and adopt their ideas submit to Hitler?

3. What name does Fromm give to the isolation that allows Fascism to grow?

4. What psychological idea is destructiveness related to?

5. What word best describes the idea where man "strives for submission and domination"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is true freedom and what do Fromm's critics fear it can lead to?

2. What is the relationship between sadism and masochism? How does the relationship affect authoritarian characters?

3. How does formal education limit a child's freedom?

4. How does Fromm describe sadistic people?

5. What two choices does a person have when confronted by isolation and fear in achieving freedom?

6. What role does character play in the individual and society?

7. What is automaton conformity?

8. What is the social function of education?

9. How does a democratic society put pressure on individuals to conform?

10. What traits of an authoritarian character did Hitler possess?

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