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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Freedom and Democracy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What church dominated religion during the Middle Ages?
(a) Judiasim.
(b) Lutheranism.
(c) The Catholic Church.
(d) Protestanism.

2. What name does Fromm give to the isolation that allows Fascism to grow?
(a) Mulch.
(b) Fertile soil.
(c) Dirt.
(d) Fertilizer.

3. Who replaces the original self?
(a) The social self.
(b) The actual self.
(c) The conforming self.
(d) The pseudo self.

4. What does Fromm call the political freedoms associated with capitalism?
(a) Monetary freedoms.
(b) Positive freedoms.
(c) Negative freedoms.
(d) Capitalistic freedoms.

5. What type of character was familiar to the lower, middle class?
(a) Liberal.
(b) Wealthy.
(c) Capitalistic.
(d) Authoritarian.

Short Answer Questions

1. What characteristic identified people during the Middle Ages?

2. What example does Fromm use to point out a contradiction of freedom?

3. According to Calvin, what does leading a virtuous life alleviate?

4. Why does an individual conform to society?

5. In what country did John Calvin's Protestant movement get started?

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