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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Psychology of Nazism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What German social class both submitted to Hitler and fully adopted his Nazi ideology?
(a) Upper, middle class.
(b) Upper class.
(c) Nobility.
(d) Lower, middle class.

2. Why would Fromm view the action of man eating the forbidden fruit as a positive act?
(a) Man fought against nature.
(b) Man took a step toward becoming an individual.
(c) Man separated himself from woman.
(d) Man took a risk.

3. What was the ultimate goal of the Nazi party?
(a) Give up power.
(b) Gain power.
(c) Gain freedom.
(d) Strengthen German society for everyone.

4. What tool developed out of the new capitalistic system that helped promote business?
(a) Discounts.
(b) Advertising.
(c) Sales.
(d) Coupons.

5. What is individuation?
(a) The growing process of the individual.
(b) A time when an individual gives up his individuality.
(c) The process by which the group singles out an individual.
(d) When an individual loses his identity to the group.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which writer summarized Fromm's thoughts on isolation and powerlessness?

2. Why did the middle class see an increase in white-collar workers?

3. What independent business does Fromm reference as a model for the new middle class?

4. What does Fromm say increases a child's emotional state?

5. Why did the second group of Germans who both supported the Nazis and adopt their ideas submit to Hitler?

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