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Freedom - A Psychological Problem?

• Modern European and American histories are focused around efforts to gain freedom.

• The battles for freedom are often fought by the oppressed.

• Freedom has won several battles and many have died in the struggle against oppression.
• Freedom is a burden for the individual.

• Individuals have a desire to be free from domination.

• Achieving independence makes individuals aware that freedom is a kind of isolation.

• Man does not wish to be isolated.
• Man has a simple desire to be part of a society and belong with others.

• There are competing forces inside man to be free and also be part of a group.

• The manner in which the individual deals with these competing forces defines a person.

• Characters of individuals join forces to create a social character.
• Individuals are not always aware of these competing forces inside themselves.

• Fromm thinks people may not even...

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