Eating Animals Character Descriptions

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Jonathan Safran Foer

This author and novelist conducted three years of research in compiling Eating Animals. He was inspired to write the book by the birth of his first son.

Foer's Grandmother

This relative of the author's represents his connection with food, family, and remembrance. Having survived the Holocaust, she immigrated to America and raised a family in the Washington, D.C. area.


This individual is an animal activist who took the author on his first stealth entrance into a poultry farm.

Celia Steele

This housewife on the Delmarva Peninsula unwittingly ushered in the era of factory farming after raising over 250,000 chickens from an over-order in 1923.

Frank Reese

This family heritage turkey farmer in Kansas is hailed by the author as the most ethical of all of the farmers he worked with on the book.

Bill Niman

This individual founded an 11-acre ranch in a small coastal town...

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