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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Spirit story written in 1947 mentions Yogi?
(a) Hoagy the Yogi, Part 2.
(b) Hoagy the Yogi, Part 1.
(c) Junior Yogi, Part 2.
(d) George and the Yogi.

2. Calligraphy symbols are rendered with what three things?
(a) Power, individuality, transcendence.
(b) Beauty, rhythm, and individuality.
(c) Progression, change, style.
(d) Beauty, power, rhythm.

3. In what part of a young person's life are comic books said to have a role?
(a) The toddler phase.
(b) The early literary diet.
(c) Late puberty.
(d) The philosophical years.

4. As a language, what do comics need to utilize?
(a) A pen and ink.
(b) A pair of ears.
(c) A grammar.
(d) A message.

5. What can be used when facial expressions are critical?
(a) Narrow channels.
(b) Close-ups.
(c) Heavy lines.
(d) Panoramic views.

Short Answer Questions

1. Graphic novels include reading written words and what else, for example?

2. What does this alphabetic expression introduce?

3. What element of weather messes with the typeface in Eisner's second example?

4. What kind of pictographs weld visual imagery and "uniform derivative" symbols?

5. In Eisner's third example of "Contract with God" what drips from the heavy lettering?

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