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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are these artists trying to arrange?
(a) Power and wealth.
(b) Neural synapses.
(c) Complex thoughts, sounds, actions, and ideas.
(d) Simple questions.

2. For what purpose did the artists start to use expressions, postures, and backdrops?
(a) To explain their analysis.
(b) To express their ideas
(c) To format their pieces.
(d) To formulate their understanding.

3. The sequential artist and the reader must share what kind of experience?
(a) Skill set experience.
(b) Monetary trade.
(c) Oral communication.
(d) Life experience.

4. In "Contract with God" by Eisner, what does the stone tablet suggest?
(a) The Ten Commandments.
(b) The One Principle.
(c) The Five Ideals.
(d) The Unity of the Mind.

5. Stories can be told through what alone?
(a) Focal points.
(b) Signatures.
(c) Imagery.
(d) Spirit.

Short Answer Questions

1. If a reader knows instinctively how gravity works, what will happen when they read panels that don't function like sentences?

2. What Spirit story written in 1947 mentions Yogi?

3. How can a panel be diagrammed?

4. What kind of introduction does "Comics as a Form of Reading" use to discuss art?

5. What kind of pictographs weld visual imagery and "uniform derivative" symbols?

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