Comics and Sequential Art Fun Activities

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In the Beginning

Do some research and find one of the first daily comic strips from the 1930s. Bring a copy to class to share and compare.

Playing With Non-Verbal Vocabulary

Construct a sentence using only symbols such as diagrams, musical notes, and maps. See if your class can "read" what you "wrote."

Text This, Text That

Find a partner and experiment with different lettering techniques. Use this book and other comics to get ideas for different lettering styles. Write one sentence in your favorite lettering and share it with the class.

Recreation from Creation

Find three or more different daily comic strips from a newspaper. Cut out the panels and try to create a different comic out of the panels. Explain to the class why your new comic did or didn't work.

Separate but Equal

Find a partner from your class and create a three-panel comic strip...

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