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Short Answer Questions

1. What was unusual about Pedro's uncle who lived with him?

2. Why did Mrs. Zajac recite the rosary at night?

3. What was the name of the neighborhood in which Kelly School was located?

4. What were some of the implements Ancient Greek and Roman teachers used to enforce discipline in the classroom?

5. While teaching a lesson with one student, what did Mrs. Zajac do with her eyes as she taught?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the fifth grade class celebrate the Christmas break? What did Mrs. Zajac give each child as a Christmas gift?

2. What are "cume" folders? Why do teachers have them? What goes into them? How does Mrs. Zajac use the cumes and why?

3. What were some of the other students' projects entered in the science fair? How did Mrs. Zajac feel about the parents who did not help their children with their Science Fair projects?

4. What new student arrived in Mrs. Zajac's class in the final weeks of the school year? What was Mrs. Zajac told about her new student? What did she glean from her observations?

5. What were the afternoons like for Mrs. Zajac? Why were they easier for her?

6. What were Mrs. Zajac's concerns about Pedro? What was his behavior like in class? What plan did she come up with learn more about Pedro?

7. What subject did the class study in the final weeks of school? How did they respond to the subject? What did Mrs. Zajac hope to impart to her students in this subject area?

8. Who was the new child sent to Mrs. Zajac's class when school resumed after winter break? How did she get to Holyoke and Mrs. Zajac's class?

9. Why were Fridays good days in Mrs. Zajac's fifth grade class? How did they compare to Mondays?

10. What is the concept of "dual captivity"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Zajac took her fifth grade class on a field trip to Old Sturbridge Village and had two different agendas for the field trip. What were those two agendas, and how did she work to accomplish both? Why was this trip important to Mrs. Zajac?

Essay Topic 2

Choose three of the children in Mrs. Zajac's fifth grade. How are the children similar? How are they different? Include social skills, cultural differences, levels of intelligence, family backgrounds.

Essay Topic 3

There are many differences in teaching in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and teaching today. There are also many things in teaching that have remained relatively the same for over a hundred years. Discuss the changes and the constants between teaching in the past and teaching today.

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