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Short Answer Questions

1. What game did Mrs. Zajac invent in order to get her students' attention in math one day?

2. What was the name of the student teacher in Mrs. Zajac's class?

3. Who was Mrs. Zajac's most difficult student after Clarence?

4. Who gave Miss Hunt the longest and most elaborate farewell card?

5. What did Pedro's mother write on the bottom of his permission slip for the core evaluation?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the demographics of Kelly School? Were they in line with the demographics of the community? What else do we know about the families attending Kelly School?

2. Why were Fridays good days in Mrs. Zajac's fifth grade class? How did they compare to Mondays?

3. What were the afternoons like for Mrs. Zajac? Why were they easier for her?

4. What was Mrs. Zajac's favorite saying, or mantra, to her students? What does she want her students to understand about learning?

5. How did Mrs. Zajac begin her school day? What did she teach in the mornings? Why was this a challenge?

6. What was math class like for Mrs. Zajac? Why did they provide a particular challenge for her? How did she meet the challenge?

7. What did Mrs. Zajac realize were the similarities and difference between Alice and Judith?

8. Who was Alphonse Laudato? What kind of job did he have at Kelly School? Did Mrs. Zajac like him? Why or why not?

9. How did the students respond to Miss Hunt's leaving the class once her student teaching time was over? How did Mrs. Zajac respond? Which students surprised Mrs. Zajac when they were sad to see Miss Hunt go?

10. What is the concept of "dual captivity"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose three of the children in Mrs. Zajac's fifth grade. How are the children similar? How are they different? Include social skills, cultural differences, levels of intelligence, family backgrounds.

Essay Topic 2

Teaching in America today is a challenge, but the history of teaching in America has always been fraught with challenges. What are some of the challenges faced by teachers in the earlier part of the century that are no longer a problem today? What ones remain challenges to teachers today? Why do you think this is?

Essay Topic 3

At the Science Fair, Mrs. Zajac decided to speak to Al about rethinking the fair because it may not be appropriate for Kelly School. Later, when she saw the disappointment and frustration of the students who did not receive an award, she told herself to remember to give all students awards next time. Why did she think a science fair might not be appropriate for the school? Explain how Mrs. Zajac could feel both things simultaneously. What does this say about her as a teacher?

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