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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom did Mrs. Zajac ask to clean out Clarence's desk?
(a) Claude.
(b) Mariposa.
(c) Arabella.
(d) Robert.

2. What change did Mrs. Zajac see in Clarence after she initiated the core evaluation for him?
(a) He began cursing in class.
(b) He became meaner to the other children.
(c) He became more docile in class.
(d) He ran in and out of the class constantly.

3. What kinds of things appeared around Robert's desk during the school week?
(a) Staples, bits of paper, spiral wires from notebooks, candy wrappers.
(b) Books, magazines, comic books, newspapers.
(c) Old candy wrappers, apple cores, pencils, undone homework sheets.
(d) Pencils, erasers, staples, newspapers, comic books.

4. What was the one topic not permitted at the Kelly School Science Fair?
(a) Earthquakes.
(b) Volcanoes.
(c) Dinosaurs.
(d) Water power.

5. What did Mrs. Zajac think about the Science Fair while resting in the center of the gym?
(a) This was the worst fair she could remember.
(b) The school needed a full time science teacher.
(c) This was the best fair she could remember.
(d) This was much too difficult for the children to understand.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Robert was in time-out isolation, and Mrs. Zajac accidentally left him with a penny, what did he do with it?

2. What was one thing Father Joyce noticed about the Hispanic parishioners during the Spanish mass?

3. What did Judith say to Mrs. Zajac as the class looked out on the open field and pastureland?

4. What was the topic for Claude's Science Fair project?

5. What did Mrs. Zajac admit she saw more clearly now that Clarence was gone?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Kelly Schools fare on the standardized tees the sixth grade took? How did Principal Laudato respond to this news? How did Mrs. Zajac respond?

2. What kinds of behavior did Robert exhibit that concerned Mrs. Zajac? What did she want Robert's mother to do? Did Robert's mother follow through with this suggestion?

3. What is the history of Puerto Ricans in the town of Holyoke? How were they treated in the second half of the twentieth century?

4. What were some of the changes January brought to Mrs. Zajac's class and her students?

5. As the class approached spring break, how did Mrs. Zajac feel about her class? About herself? What were her parting words to Jimmy as the children leave for a week's break?

6. Where did Mrs. Zajac take her class on a field trip? Why did she choose this place for the children to see? Why was this trip especially important to Judith and Arabella?

7. Where was Robert during the Science Fair? What did Mrs. Zajac learn about Robert and his efforts to participate in the Science Fair?

8. Who among Mrs. Zajac's students was particularly excited about entering the science fair? What was the project? How did Mrs. Zajac feel about this student's participation in the science fair?

9. When was the science fair at Kelly School? Why was this event important to the students and their families?

10. To what church did Mrs. Zajac belong for all of her life? Why was this? What did Mrs. Zajac enjoy about her church?

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