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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had Mrs. Zajac done her student teaching?
(a) Newman School.
(b) Kelly School.
(c) Burroughs School.
(d) The West Street School.

2. About how many pieces of paper did Mrs. Zajac handle daily at school
(a) About 100.
(b) About 150.
(c) About 75.
(d) About 200.

3. About how many "personal interactions" does a teacher need to manage successfully in order for students to feel secure?
(a) About fifty.
(b) About one hundred.
(c) About three hundred.
(d) About two hundred.

4. What grade was Mrs. Zajac's son in?
(a) First grade.
(b) Second grade.
(c) Preschool.
(d) Third grade.

5. What was the core evaluation Mrs. Zajac wanted to get started for Pedro?
(a) A comprehensive evaluation of the student and his needs.
(b) A group of achievements tests.
(c) An IQ test and a skills assessment test for a blind child.
(d) A psychiatric evaluation for recommending ADHD drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Judith tell Mrs. Zajac she wanted to do when she got older?

2. What book did Mrs. Zajac read at the end of her summer break?

3. What did Pedro's mother write on the bottom of his permission slip for the core evaluation?

4. What kind of car did Mrs. Zajac drive?

5. How old was Mrs. Zajac at the time of this book?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the name of Mrs. Zajac's school and where was it located? What did we know about the school? What was the make-up of the student body in her classroom?

2. What is the subject of Kidder's story? Is it fiction or non-fiction? How does he go about learning about his subject?

3. How did the students respond to Miss Hunt's leaving the class once her student teaching time was over? How did Mrs. Zajac respond? Which students surprised Mrs. Zajac when they were sad to see Miss Hunt go?

4. How did the fifth grade class celebrate the Christmas break? What did Mrs. Zajac give each child as a Christmas gift?

5. What were some of the tips Mrs. Zajac gives Pam Hunt before her three days teaching in the classroom alone?

6. What is the concept of "dual captivity"?

7. What was math class like for Mrs. Zajac? Why did they provide a particular challenge for her? How did she meet the challenge?

8. Why did Mrs. Zajac allow her students to choose their own desks on the first day of school? What message did she want to send to her students? What did she learn about the children by allowing them their choice of seats?

9. What were the work conditions for female teachers of the late 19th and 20th centuries?

10. How was Robert's behavior in class? What were Mrs. Zajac's concerns about both his work and his behavior? What new behaviors had Mrs. Zajac noticed?

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