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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what did Mrs. Zajac compare her Irish ancestors' immigration?
(a) To German immigration.
(b) To the Jews entering Israel.
(c) To the Puerto Rican immigration.
(d) To the gold rush in California.

2. What was the name of Mrs. Zajac's church?
(a) Sacred Heart.
(b) The Blessed Heart.
(c) Loyola.
(d) The Holy Name.

3. With whom did the new student Juanita live?
(a) With Mrs. Zajac and her family.
(b) With her aunt and cousins.
(c) With her father and stepmother.
(d) With her mother and two siblings.

4. What was one thing Father Joyce noticed about the Hispanic parishioners during the Spanish mass?
(a) They liked to sit together in the front pews.
(b) They liked to interrupt mass with questions.
(c) They gave generously to the church.
(d) They left their young children at home.

5. Who was the chief disciplinarian and organizer in Mrs. Zajac's family?
(a) Her nanny.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her grandmother.
(d) Her father.

6. What did Arnie say to Mrs. Zajac when she had returned form Puerto Rico?
(a) "You look like an old lady."
(b) "How was your vacation?"
(c) "You look about twenty."
(d) "Do we have to work?"

7. What suggestion did Al give the teachers at Kelly School during their staff meeting in March?
(a) "If you are not happy, think about leaving."
(b) "If you are not teaching, get with it."
(c) "If you do not want to be a teacher, find something else to do."
(d) "If you want better students, be better disciplinarians."

8. Which students worked with Claude on a Science Fair project?
(a) Ashley and Jennifer.
(b) Dick and Felipe.
(c) Judith and Robert.
(d) Pedro and Jimmy.

9. When she returned from February vacation, what does Mrs. Zajac think about Clarence?
(a) "I do not think I can pass him into sixth grade."
(b) "There is no end to his arrogance."
(c) "I am controlling him a lot and teaching him little."
(d) "That child needs more attention."

10. What question did Mrs. Zajac begin asking herself in March?
(a) "Is this year ever going to be over?"
(b) "Where are we going for summer vacation?"
(c) "What happened to Miss Hunt?"
(d) "Am I burned out?"

11. What was the topic for Claude's Science Fair project?
(a) Formation of the oceans.
(b) A laser beam.
(c) The formation of rivers and streams.
(d) A water wheel.

12. What change did Mrs. Zajac see in Clarence after she initiated the core evaluation for him?
(a) He became more docile in class.
(b) He became meaner to the other children.
(c) He began cursing in class.
(d) He ran in and out of the class constantly.

13. When did Mrs. Zajac take the same field trip her students were taking with her now?
(a) When she was in summer camp.
(b) When she was in fifth grade.
(c) When she was in high school.
(d) When she was on vacation with her family.

14. What two things happened in Kelly School during the early winter that affected Mrs. Zajac deeply?
(a) Al's retirement and her husband's transfer.
(b) Mary Ann's retirement and the fire at Kelly School.
(c) Blanca's sudden departure and Lil's death.
(d) Mr. Laudato's leaving and Mary Ann's retirement.

15. What important thing happened to Judith in January?
(a) She was promoted to sixth grade.
(b) She got braces.
(c) She got a new puppy.
(d) She got glasses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was not able to join the class for Mrs. Zajac's class field trip?

2. When did the first five Puerto Rican families arrive in Holyoke?

3. Which two girls in Mrs. Zajac's class stayed close together during the field trip?

4. What response did one of Al's critics give after he made a suggestion to the teachers at a meeting?

5. What word did the author use to describe Mrs. Zajac's style in the classroom?

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