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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Recovery, Chapters 1-4, (pg 197-228).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mrs. Zajac decide to work on with Claude for the rest of the year?
(a) His attitude toward his classmates.
(b) His use of proper English.
(c) His organizational skills.
(d) His need to run around the classroom screaming?

2. What word did Manny call out in class that caused Mrs. Zajac to bop him on the top of his head with paper?
(a) "Cucaracha!"
(b) "Ohmygosh!"
(c) "No way!"
(d) "Diablo!"

3. What did Clarence ask Mrs. Zajac if he could do after they laughed together over the "Nobody" joke?
(a) Sit next to Jennifer.
(b) Clean her desk.
(c) Wash the blackboards.
(d) Stay at her house for dinner.

4. Where did Mrs. Zajac go on St Patrick's Day?
(a) To New York City for the parade.
(b) To Providence for the weekend.
(c) To the St. Patrick's Day parade.
(d) She stayed home with her children and husband.

5. What does Mrs. Zajac believe is the first prerequisite for discipline?
(a) Confidence.
(b) Determination.
(c) Respect.
(d) Arrogance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the bilingual teacher next door to Mrs. Zajac's classroom?

2. What did Mrs. Zajac hope to convince Robert's mother to do for him?

3. What is "dual captivity?"

4. What two things happened in Kelly School during the early winter that affected Mrs. Zajac deeply?

5. What game did Mrs. Zajac invent in order to get her students' attention in math one day?

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