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Lesson 1 (from September, Chapters 1-3, (pg 1-24))


September, Chapters 1-3, (pg 1-24)

Mrs. Zajac has a theory about teaching children equally in the classroom. This theory is important to how she runs her class. The object of the lesson is to examine how Mrs. Zajac's theory of teaching children equally in the classroom affects her teaching style.


1) Class discussion: What challenges do teachers face when trying to treat students equally? Does fair mean the same thing as equal? Is it possible to treat all students equally in a classroom filled with students of differing abilities?

2) Divide the class into small groups to discuss the following: Clarence is testing Mrs. Zajac's limits from the first hour he is in her classroom. The writer explains that Mrs. Zajac believes that to expect less from one student than another sends a message that one student matters less than another. What is the one major issue...

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