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Robert Fulghum
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the total population of the earth during the time of Julius Caesar?
(a) 210 million.
(b) 150 million.
(c) 160 million.
(d) 200 million.

2. In Chapter 36, what is the profession of the man who has the car with the dead battery?
(a) P.E. teacher.
(b) Science teacher.
(c) English teacher.
(d) Math teacher.

3. What kind of shoes was the man wearing who had a car with a dead battery?
(a) Flip-flops.
(b) Cowboy boots.
(c) Basketball high-tops.
(d) Tennis shoes.

4. What does Fulghum say his barber did on his days off?
(a) He gave free haircuts to his clients' children.
(b) He gave free haircuts to children in an orphanage.
(c) He gave free haircuts to old men in a nursing home.
(d) He gave free haircuts to people in his church group.

5. When Fulghum talks about the people that are always prepared and organized in Chapter 20, what object does he say these people have that work and they actually know where they are?
(a) Smoke detector.
(b) Fire extinguisher.
(c) Jumper cables.
(d) Flashlight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fulghum tells the nice lady on the phone in Chapter 31 that he has depression lows that are so low he needs what to get out of them?

2. When Fulghum buys a cuckoo clock he missed reading that it was made where?

3. In Chapter 31, Fulghum claims that Beethoven defied his fate with what?

4. What is contained on the tablet that is in the British Museum that Fulghum mentions in Chapter 32?

5. What was Menon's last conscious act?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author do in Chapter 28 when his cuckoo clock is not working properly, and what happens to the clock?

2. What does Fulghum say will happen if you put a bunch of the stuff mentioned in Chapter 34 in a jar with water?

3. Describe Fulghum's relationship with his neighbor Mr. Washington that is discussed in Chapter 18.

4. In Chapter 19, when Mr. Washington comes over to Fulghum's home and starts spraying the dandelions, what kind of discussion does this spark?

5. Who is Donnie in Chapter 30, and why does he knock on Fulghum's door?

6. Describe Fulghum's ride home in an ancient pickup truck in Chapter 17.

7. How does Fulghum explain how the people of imagination mentioned in Chapter 37 stand on one another's shoulders?

8. In Chapter 31, what does Fulghum state he'll do on some December night when he is very rich?

9. In Chapter 40, what happens when V.P. Menon arrives in Delhi to seek a job in government?

10. Describe Larry Walters' contraption that Fulghum mentions in Chapter 38 and what he has with him as he floats over Los Angeles.

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