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Robert Fulghum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two things did Beethoven want to be?
(a) A violinist and virtuoso pianist.
(b) A virtuoso pianist and a singer.
(c) A painter and a singer.
(d) A singer and violinist.

2. In Chapter 34, Fulghum claims that the majority of stuff comes from two sources. What are these sources he is speaking of?
(a) Animals and bugs.
(b) Plants and animals.
(c) People and meteorites.
(d) People and animals.

3. What is Fulghum's neighbor's philosophy of life in Chapter 22?
(a) "We all need love from someone."
(b) "We're all in it together."
(c) "We're all gamblers."
(d) "We all need to feel protected."

4. What was Menon's last conscious act?
(a) Menon gave a beggar a pair of sandals for his sore feet.
(b) Menon donated his life savings to a local orphanage.
(c) Menon gave money to his daughter to distribute among the local beggars.
(d) Menon asked his daughter to give a beggar fifteen rupees out of his wallet.

5. When Fulghum is talking about the stuff that is found in our homes, what kind of chunks does he say are found in the stuff?
(a) Food chunks.
(b) Pet hair chunks.
(c) Bug chunks.
(d) People chunks.

6. At the end of Chapter 36, Fulghum receives a present in the mail from Nampa, Idaho. What is the gift that he receives?
(a) A baseball hat.
(b) Jumper cables.
(c) Twenty dollars.
(d) A map of Idaho.

7. In the beginning of Chapter 35, Fulghum states that he doesn't kill what?
(a) Mice.
(b) Spiders.
(c) Plants.
(d) Moths.

8. In Chapter 31, Fulghum claims that Beethoven defied his fate with what?
(a) Magnificence.
(b) Music.
(c) Joy.
(d) Jubilation.

9. In Chapter 22, what occupation does Fulghum's neighbor have?
(a) He's a doctor.
(b) He's a lawyer.
(c) He's a preacher.
(d) He's an insurance agent.

10. What kind of shoes is the Indian wearing who enters the tavern?
(a) Cowboy boots.
(b) Tap shoes.
(c) Tennis shoes.
(d) Work boots.

11. The man who has a car with a dead battery says he took another class the same time as his auto mechanics class. What class does he say he took at the same time as his mechanics class?
(a) Sex education.
(b) P.E.
(c) Math.
(d) Home economics.

12. What kind of shoes was the man wearing who had a car with a dead battery?
(a) Flip-flops.
(b) Cowboy boots.
(c) Tennis shoes.
(d) Basketball high-tops.

13. When Fulghum experiences his solace from depression, where does he lie down?
(a) In a hammock.
(b) On the floor.
(c) In his yard on the lawn.
(d) On his bed.

14. What kind of fantasy does Fulghum have that he talks about in Chapter 20?
(a) The no yard work and no bills fantasy.
(b) The perfect day and perfect kid fantasy.
(c) The stick-polishing fantasy.
(d) A relaxing on the beach with a margarita fantasy.

15. Fulghum says that if the population of the earth were to increase at the present rate, then by what year would the total mass of humans be equal to the mass of the earth?
(a) 3530.
(b) 3500.
(c) 2590.
(d) 2550.

Short Answer Questions

1. Fulghum talks about a balloon that came from the gardens of Versailles carrying three things. What were those three things?

2. Fulghum explains that his real estate agent means a shack with a view when he says what word?

3. In Chapter 36, what is the profession of the man who has the car with the dead battery?

4. What is the name of the deaf boy who asks to rake Fulghum's yard?

5. In Chapter 29, Fulghum mentions his neighbors across the street who really have it together. What does he say the couple eats or "scarfs"?

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