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Robert Fulghum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story of San Saba, the men had come in search of treasure. Where was this treasure supposedly located?
(a) In the San Saba river.
(b) In the caves of the Comanche burying ground.
(c) Under the ground in an Apache establishment.
(d) In the hills of the Balcones Escarpment.

2. What did the soldiers and priests build in San Saba to accommodate them?
(a) A fort and a mission chapel.
(b) A fort.
(c) A mission chapel.
(d) A fort, a mission chapel, and a shooting range.

3. When Fulghum tells of taking a walk after eating at the Alamo Cafe, he walks along the edge of the river and says all he can hear is crickets and what else?
(a) Katydids.
(b) Sandhill cranes.
(c) Mosquitoes.
(d) Spring frogs.

4. What month of the year did the Indians that the soldiers were waiting for finally show up?
(a) May.
(b) March.
(c) April.
(d) February.

5. In the gummy lump box, Fulghum can also see what scrawled in several places?
(a) The words, "Daddy" and "Mommy."
(b) The words, "I love you."
(c) The names of three children.
(d) The name of the cities they've lived in.

6. In Chapter 9, what does Fulghum claim he thinks about every morning as he dresses?
(a) His kids.
(b) His wife and how hard she works.
(c) The kind of lunch he will have in the afternoon.
(d) The gummy lump box.

7. Fulghum's lawyer friend travels with his two eighteen-year-old girls and what kind of animal?
(a) A black labrador retriever.
(b) A boa constrictor.
(c) A brown and white hamster.
(d) A bearded dragon lizard.

8. What time do the animals under Fulghum's porch chose to mate in Chapter 10?
(a) 4 p.m.
(b) Midnight.
(c) 3 a.m.
(d) 5 a.m.

9. What two things does Fulghum say he has and would stack up against a food processor any day?
(a) A pair of kitchen shears and a metal mixing bowl.
(b) A butchers knife and a wooden block.
(c) A wooden bowl and chipping knife.
(d) A metal peeler and a ceramic dish.

10. In the Solomon Islands, the villagers practice a unique form of what?
(a) Logging.
(b) Gardening.
(c) Baking.
(d) Plowing.

11. In its larval form, what does the Cassida Rubignosa beetle carry on it's back?
(a) Its mother.
(b) Its meals to eat.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A small sack of garbage.

12. What school supply does Fulghum claim tastes like what the little white hearts taste like?
(a) White library paste.
(b) Crayons.
(c) Pencil lead.
(d) Sidewalk chalk.

13. When Fulghum talks about waiting for a repair man in Chapter 2, how long does Fulghum claim you would have to stay home for?
(a) Twenty-four hours.
(b) Forty hours.
(c) Thirty-six hours.
(d) Thirteen hours.

14. When Fulghum is at the laundromat he sees an old woman folding what type of clothing?
(a) White tube socks.
(b) White knickers.
(c) Little children's school uniforms.
(d) Sexy black underwear.

15. What two words of wisdom does Fulghum's lawyer friend tell him?
(a) Just be.
(b) Trust nobody.
(c) Do good.
(d) Live well.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 10, Fulghum asks a question about something not being easy. What is he talking about?

2. Fulghum tells a story about a man who faced a computer with his abacus. What was this man's occupation?

3. When Fulghum is finished eating his chicken-friend steak in San Saba, what flavor of toothpick does he use?

4. When Fulghum is talking about yelling at objects, he claims that even doing this doesn't help.

5. In Chapter 13, Fulghum says that if you want to experience an interesting party sometime, you should combine crayons with what?

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