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Robert Fulghum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Charles Boyer's wife died in his arms, Charles died two days later. How did Charles die?
(a) He killed himself.
(b) He died of a heart attack.
(c) He died of a stroke.
(d) He died in a horseback riding accident.

2. Fulghum states that laundry detergent is called something in a box. What is that something?
(a) A miracle.
(b) A cleaner.
(c) A magic potion.
(d) A guarantee.

3. How many different kinds of macaroni does the gummy lump box consist of?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Four.
(d) Three.

4. At the end of Chapter 12, what does Fulghum claim would make a good bumper sticker for the eighties?
(a) "Don't look now."
(b) "Love and learn."
(c) "I can fix it."
(d) "I may be wrong."

5. What color of tissue paper does the gummy lump box in Chapter 9 contain?
(a) Orange.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Pink.
(d) Red.

6. When Fulghum talks about the dances after the goat roping events, he says he could sit by the river and eat what kind of sandwich?
(a) Turkey and avocado.
(b) Baloney and white bread.
(c) Tuna and rye bread.
(d) Ham and swiss cheese.

7. When Fulghum discovers the animals mating underneath his porch, what are the animals covered in?
(a) Leaves and mud.
(b) Blood and grass.
(c) Leaves and grass.
(d) Mud and blood.

8. In Chapter 10, Fulghum talks about a certain animal that mates underneath the porch of his lakeside cottage. What kind of animal is he talking about?
(a) Squirrels.
(b) Raccoons.
(c) Badgers.
(d) Skunks.

9. In Chapter 15, what game does Fulghum claim he likes better than hide-and-seek?
(a) Ring around the rosies.
(b) London Bridge.
(c) Sardines.
(d) Red Rover.

10. In the story of San Saba, Fulghum tells us that two thousand people from a certain tribe showed up to fight the soldiers and priests. What tribe did they come from?
(a) Ute.
(b) Cherokee.
(c) Comanche.
(d) Apache.

11. When Fulghum is at the laundromat he sees an old woman folding what type of clothing?
(a) White tube socks.
(b) Sexy black underwear.
(c) White knickers.
(d) Little children's school uniforms.

12. How long do the woodsmen in the Solomon Islands continue their ritual for one tree?
(a) Forty-five days.
(b) Twenty-two days.
(c) Thirty days.
(d) Fifteen days.

13. When Fulghum tells of taking a walk after eating at the Alamo Cafe, he walks along the edge of the river and says all he can hear is crickets and what else?
(a) Spring frogs.
(b) Katydids.
(c) Sandhill cranes.
(d) Mosquitoes.

14. Fulghum states that every year he writes a personal statement or credo. What time of year does he say he writes this credo?
(a) Spring.
(b) Summer.
(c) Winter.
(d) Fall.

15. When Fulghum sees his neighbor lady coming out her front door, what kind of mode does she say she is in?
(a) A "take it on" mode.
(b) A "looking good" mode.
(c) A "ready to face the world" mode.
(d) A "running late" mode.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the opposing tribe showed up in San Saba to fight the soldiers, what color of war paint did they wear?

2. In the gummy lump box, Fulghum can also see what scrawled in several places?

3. When the remnants from the fight with the Indian tribe left San Saba, where did they head back to?

4. Fulghum thinks it would be a better world if we all had cookies and milk at what time?

5. When Fulghum talks about waiting for a repair man in Chapter 2, how long does Fulghum claim you would have to stay home for?

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