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Robert Fulghum
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many different kinds of macaroni does the gummy lump box consist of?
(a) One.
(b) Two.
(c) Four.
(d) Three.

2. When Fulghum's washer and dryer quit working, where is the laundromat that he has to go to?
(a) In a strip mall by the grocery store.
(b) At the mall.
(c) By the library.
(d) Beside a local coffee shop.

3. Fulghum thinks it would be a better world if we all had cookies and milk at what time?
(a) Ten o'clock in the morning.
(b) Noon.
(c) Six o'clock in the evening.
(d) Three o'clock in the afternoon.

4. When Fulghum writes his personal beliefs down, how many pages does he try to fill?
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

5. What song does Fulghum claim his neighbor lady reminded him of?
(a) "The Eensy-Weensy Spider."
(b) "London Bridge Is Falling Down.'
(c) "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
(d) "Old McDonald Had a Farm."

6. In the chapter about the neighbor woman and the spider, Fulghum states that spiders have been around for how many years?
(a) 350 million years.
(b) 400 thousand years.
(c) 500 thousand years.
(d) 200 million years.

7. While the soldiers and priests in San Saba waited for the Indians to show up, how did they bide their time?
(a) They wrote journals.
(b) They made up stories and songs.
(c) They practiced their shooting.
(d) They swam in the river and ran races.

8. When Fulghum discovers the animals mating underneath his porch, what are the animals covered in?
(a) Mud and blood.
(b) Leaves and grass.
(c) Leaves and mud.
(d) Blood and grass.

9. What does Fulghum claim his next-door neighbor yelled at for most of an afternoon?
(a) His garden hose.
(b) A stepladder.
(c) His rain gutters.
(d) His horse.

10. On August 24, where are the military units from that enter Angola in an offensive against the black nationalist guerrillas?
(a) India.
(b) Germany.
(c) Spain.
(d) South Africa.

11. What especially does Fulghum say we yell at besides bills and banks and traffic and umpires?
(a) Professional sports.
(b) Machines.
(c) Cops.
(d) Kids.

12. Fulghum tells a story about a man who faced a computer with his abacus. What was this man's occupation?
(a) He was a woodworker.
(b) He was the CEO of a computer manufacturing company.
(c) He was a chairman over the construction of new high rises in China.
(d) He was a senior clerk for a shipping company.

13. What kind of insect does the Cassida Rubignosa have to defend itself from in the book?
(a) A ladybug.
(b) An ant.
(c) A praying mantis.
(d) A grasshopper.

14. Fulghum describes the bus of his lawyer friend as decorated like the set for what?
(a) "Beauty and the Beast."
(b) "Alice in Wonderland."
(c) "Romeo and Juliet."
(d) "Little Shop of Horrors."

15. How many Xs and Os does Fulghum say are glued to the bottom of the gummy lump box?
(a) Nineteen.
(b) Twenty-three.
(c) Thirty-one.
(d) Forty-two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month of the year did the Indians that the soldiers were waiting for finally show up?

2. At the end of Chapter 10, Fulghum asks a question about something not being easy. What is he talking about?

3. According to Fulghum, where is all the software needed to run an abacus?

4. When writing about the establishment of San Saba, how many priests does Fulghum say accompanied the soldiers?

5. When Fulghum talks about the dances after the goat roping events, he says he could sit by the river and eat what kind of sandwich?

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