A Man Without a Country Character Descriptions

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Kurt Vonnegut

This person is the author and narrator. In addition, since this book is autobiographical, he is also the main character.

Carol Atkins

This person is an older lady from Woodstock, New York, who is a typist.

Mark Twain

This person is by far the most quoted and referred to individual in this book, and is the forefather of all American literature; one of the greatest authors who has ever lived.

Abraham Lincoln

This person is a former President of the United States and mentioned and/or quoted on several occasions through out the book. The author obviously respects this person.

George W. Bush

This person was the current President of the United States, at the time this book was written. Vonnegut has very little good to say about him, his Cabinet, or the job that he is doing.

Powers Hapgood

This person is an idealistic socialist...

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